You need to know the Complete List of governors of North Dakota

The Complete List of governors of North Dakota is a list that shows you all the people who have served as governor in North Dakota. It also has links to their articles, so if you want to find out more about them, just click on their name and it will take you there.

List of governors of North Dakota startTerm-Party
1John Miller20 November 18897 January 1891Republican
2Andrew H. Burke7 January 18913 January 1893Republican
3Eli C. D. Shortridge3 January 189310 January 1895Democratic-Independent
4Roger Allin10 January 18956 January 1897Republican
5Frank A. Briggs6 January 189715 August 1898Republican
6Joseph M. Devine15 August 18983 January 1899Republican
7Frederick B. Fancher3 January 189910 January 1901Republican
8Frank White10 January 19014 January 1905Republican
9Elmore Y. Sarles4 January 19059 January 1907Republican
10John Burke9 January 19078 January 1913Democratic
11L. B. Hanna8 January 19133 January 1917Republican
12Lynn Frazier3 January 191723 November 1921Republican/NPL
13Ragnvald A. Nestos23 November 19217 January 1925Republican/IVA
14Arthur G. Sorlie7 January 192528 August 1928Republican/NPL
15Walter Maddock28 August 19289 January 1929Republican/NPL
16George F. Shafer9 January 192931 December 1932Republican/IVA
17William Langer31 December 193221 June 1934Republican/NPL
18Ole H. Olson21 June 19347 January 1935Republican/NPL
19Thomas H. Moodie7 January 19352 February 1935Democratic
20Walter Welford2 February 19356 January 1937Republican/NPL
21William Langer6 January 19375 January 1939Republican/NPL
22John Moses5 January 19394 January 1945Democratic
23Fred George Aandahl4 January 19453 January 1951Republican
24Clarence Norman Brunsdale3 January 19519 January 1957Republican
25John E. Davis9 January 19574 January 1961Republican
26William L. Guy4 January 19612 January 1973Democratic-NPL
27Arthur A. Link2 January 19736 January 1981Democratic-NPL
28Allen I. Olson6 January 19811 January 1985Republican
29George A. Sinner1 January 198515 December 1992Democratic-NPL
30Ed Schafer15 December 199215 December 2000Republican
31John Hoeven15 December 20007 December 2010Republican
32Jack Dalrymple7 December 2010incumbentRepublican

As you can see, North Dakota is a great state with many resources to offer. We hope this list of governors has helped you learn more about the diverse people who govern our beautiful state! If there are any other aspects of governance in North Dakota that interest you, let us know and we’ll be happy to share them with you.

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