Ohio has a rich history in politics, with the current governor being John Kasich. There have been many other governours of Ohio state who have accomplished much during their time in office. If you would like to learn more about these individuals, read on!

List of governors of Ohio

S.no.GovernorTerm startTerm-endPartyPlace
69John Kasich10 January 2011IncumbentRepublicanMcKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, U.S.
68Ted Strickland8 January 200710 January 2011DemocraticLucasville, Ohio, United States
67Bob Taft11 January 19998 January 2007RepublicanBoston, Massachusetts
66Nancy Hollister31 December 199811 January 1999RepublicanMarietta, Ohio
65George Voinovich14 January 199131 December 1998RepublicanCleveland, Ohio
64Dick Celeste10 January 198314 January 1991DemocraticCleveland, Ohio
63Jim Rhodes13 January 197510 January 1983RepublicanCoalton, Ohio
62John J. Gilligan11 January 197113 January 1975DemocraticCincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
61Jim Rhodes14 January 196311 January 1971RepublicanCoalton, Ohio
60Michael DiSalle12 January 195914 January 1963DemocraticNew York City, New York, United States
59C. William O’Neill14 January 195712 January 1959RepublicanMarietta, Ohio
58John William Brown3 January 195714 January 1957RepublicanAthens, Ohio
57Frank J. Lausche10 January 19493 January 1957DemocraticCleveland, Ohio
56Thomas J. Herbert13 January 194710 January 1949RepublicanCleveland, Ohio
55Frank J. Lausche8 January 194513 January 1947DemocraticCleveland, Ohio
54John W. Bricker9 January 19398 January 1945RepublicanMount Sterling Madison County Ohio, USA
53Martin L. Davey14 January 19359 January 1939DemocraticKent, Ohio
52George White12 January 193114 January 1935DemocraticElmira, New York
51Myers Y. Cooper14 January 192912 January 1931RepublicanSt. Louisville, Ohio
50A. Victor Donahey8 January 192314 January 1929DemocraticCadwallader, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
49Harry L. Davis10 January 19218 January 1923RepublicanCleveland, Ohio
48James M. Cox8 January 191710 January 1921DemocraticJacksonburg, Ohio
47Frank B. Willis11 January 19158 January 1917RepublicanLewis Center, Ohio
46James M. Cox13 January 191311 January 1915DemocraticJacksonburg, Ohio
45Judson Harmon11 January 190913 January 1913DemocraticNewtown, Ohio
44Andrew L. Harris18 June 190611 January 1909RepublicanMilford Township, Butler County, Ohio
43John M. Pattison8 January 190618 June 1906DemocraticOwensville, Ohio
42Myron T. Herrick11 January 19048 January 1906RepublicanLorain County, Ohio
41George K. Nash8 January 190011 January 1904RepublicanMedina County, Ohio
40Asa S. Bushnell13 January 18968 January 1900RepublicanRome, New York
39William McKinley11 January 189213 January 1896RepublicanNiles, Ohio, U.S.
38James E. Campbell13 January 189011 January 1892DemocraticMiddletown, Ohio
37Joseph B. Foraker11 January 188613 January 1890RepublicanHighland County, Ohio
36George Hoadly14 January 188411 January 1886DemocraticNew Haven, Connecticut
35Charles Foster12 January 188014 January 1884RepublicanTiffin, Ohio
34Richard M. Bishop14 January 187812 January 1880DemocraticFleming County, Kentucky
33Thomas L. Young2 March 187714 January 1878RepublicanKillyleagh, County Down, Ireland
32Rutherford B. Hayes10 January 18762 March 1877RepublicanDelaware, Ohio, U.S.
31William Allen12 January 187410 January 1876DemocraticEdenton, North Carolina
30Edward F. Noyes8 January 187212 January 1874RepublicanHaverhill, Massachusetts
29Rutherford B. Hayes13 January 18688 January 1872RepublicanDelaware, Ohio, U.S.
28Jacob Dolson Cox8 January 186613 January 1868RepublicanMontreal, Canada
27Charles Anderson29 August 18658 January 1866RepublicanLouisville, Kentucky
26John Brough11 January 186429 August 1865UnionistMarietta, Ohio
25David Tod13 January 186211 January 1864RepublicanYoungstown, Ohio
24William Dennison9 January 186013 January 1862RepublicanCincinnati, Ohio
23Salmon P. Chase14 January 18569 January 1860RepublicanCornish, New Hampshire, U.S.
22William Medill13 July 185314 January 1856DemocraticNew Castle County, Delaware
21Reuben Wood12 December 185013 July 1853DemocraticRutland County, Vermont
20Seabury Ford22 January 184912 December 1850WhigCheshire, Connecticut
19William Bebb12 December 184622 January 1849WhigButler County, Ohio
18Mordecai Bartley3 December 184412 December 1846WhigFayette County, Pennsylvania
17Thomas W. Bartley15 April 18443 December 1844DemocraticBarnesville, Ohio
16Wilson Shannon14 December 184215 April 1844DemocraticBarnesville, Ohio
15Thomas Corwin16 December 184014 December 1842WhigBourbon County, Kentucky, U.S.
14Wilson Shannon13 December 183816 December 1840DemocraticBarnesville, Ohio
13Joseph Vance12 December 183613 December 1838WhigCatfish, Pennsylvania
12Robert Lucas7 December 183212 December 1836DemocraticMecklenburg
11Duncan McArthur18 December 18307 December 1832NationalRepublicanDutchess County, New York
10Allen Trimble19 December 182618 December 1830FederalistAugusta County, Virginia
9Jeremiah Morrow28 December 182219 December 1826Democratic-RepublicanGettysburg, Pennsylvania
8Allen Trimble4 January 182228 December 1822FederalistAugusta County, Virginia
7Ethan Allen Brown14 December 18184 January 1822Democratic-RepublicanDarien, Connecticut
6Thomas Worthington8 December 181414 December 1818Democratic-RepublicanCharles Town, Virginia (now West Virginia)
5Othniel Looker24 March 18148 December 1814Democratic-RepublicanLong Island, New York
4Return J. Meigs, Jr.8 December 181024 March 1814Democratic-RepublicanMiddletown, Connecticut
3Samuel H. Huntington12 December 18088 December 1810Democratic-RepublicanCoventry, Connecticut
2Thomas Kirker4 March 180712 December 1808Democratic-RepublicanCounty Tyrone, Ireland
1Edward Tiffin3 March 18034 March 1807Democratic-RepublicanCarlisle, Cumbria, England

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