I am an Alabama history buff and I’ve compiled a list of all the governors that served in this state. If you are interested, read on to find out about these great leaders.

Governors list of Alabama State

1.William Wyatt Bibb1819-1820Democratic-
2.Thomas Bibb 1820-1821Democratic-
3.Israel Pickens1821-1825Democratic-
4.John Murphy1825-1829Jackson
5.Gabriel Moore 1829-1831Jackson
6.Samuel B. Moore1831-1831 Democratic
7.John Gayle1831-1835 Democratic
8.Clement Comer Clay1835-1837 Democratic
9.Hugh McVay 1837-1837 Democratic
10.Arthur P. Bagby 1837 -1841 Democratic
11.Benjamin Fitzpatrick 1841-1845Democratic
12.Joshua L. Martin1845-1847Independent
13.Reuben Chapman1847-1849 Democratic
14.Henry W. Collier 1849-1853 Democratic
15.John A. Winston1853-1857 Democratic
16.Andrew B. Moore1857-1861 Democratic
17.John Gill Shorter1861-1863 Democratic
18.Thomas H. Watts1863-1865Whig
19.Lewis E. Parsons1865-1865
20.Robert M. Patton1865-1868Pre-War Whig
21.William Hugh Smith 1868-1870Republican
22.Robert B. Lindsay1870-1872Democratic
23.David P. Lewis1872-1874 Republican
24.George S. Houston 1874-1878 Democratic
25.Rufus W. Cobb1878-1882 Democratic
26.Edward A. O’Neal1882-1886 Democratic
27.Thomas Seay1886-1890 Democratic
28.Thomas G. Jones1890-1894 Democratic
29.William C. Oates1894-1896 Democratic
30.Joseph F. Johnston1896-1900 Democratic
31.William J. Samford1900-1901 Democratic
32.William D. Jelks1901-1907 Democratic
33.B. B. Comer1907-1911 Democratic
34.Emmet O’Neal1911- 1915 Democratic
35.Charles Henderson 1915-1919 Democratic
36.Thomas Kilby1919-1923 Democratic
37.William W. Brandon 1923- 1927 Democratic
38.Bibb Graves 1927-1931 Democratic
39.Benjamin M. Miller 1931-1939 Democratic
40.Frank M. Dixon1939-1943 Democratic
41.Chauncey Sparks 1943-1947 Democratic
42.Jim Folsom1947-1951 Democratic
43.Gordon Persons1951-1955 Democratic
44.Jim Folsom1955-1959 Democratic
45.John Malcolm Patterson1959-1963 Democratic
46.George Wallace1963-1967 Democratic
47.Lurleen Wallace1967-1968 Democratic
48.Albert Brewer1968-1971 Democratic
49.George Wallace1971-1979 Democratic
50.Fob James1979-1983 Democratic
51. George Wallace 1983-1987 Democratic
51.H. Guy Hunt 1987-1993Republican
52.Jim Folsom Jr.1993-1995 Democratic
53.Fob James1995-1999Republican
54.Don Siegelman1999-2003 Democratic
55.Bob Riley2003-2011Republican
56.Robert J. Bentley2011-2017 Republican
57.Kay Ivey2017-present Republican

I hope you get all the information about the complete governor list of Alabama. If you want to know more about governors, please visit our website and read this article which will help your knowledge. Thank You!

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