The state of Arizona is governed by a Governor, who serves as the head of the executive branch of Government. They are elected every four years and can serve no more than two terms in office. The current governor is Doug Ducey. We’ve put together a complete list of governors for you to peruse at your leisure!

1.John Noble Goodwin1863-1865 Republican
2.Richard Cunningham McCormick 1866-1869Republican
3.Anson P. K. Safford1869-1877 Democratic
4.John Philo Hoyt1877-1878 Republican
5.John C. Frémont1878-1881 Republican
6.Frederick Augustus Tritle1881-1885 Democratic
7.C. Meyer Zulick1885-1889 Republican
8.Lewis Wolfley1889-1890 Democratic
9.John N. Irwin1891-1892 Democratic
10.Oakes Murphy1892-1893 Democratic
11.L. C. Hughes1893-1896 Republican
12.Benjamin Joseph Franklin1896-1897 Democratic
13.Myron H. McCord1897-1898 Republican
14.Oakes Murphy1898-1902 Democratic
15.Alexander Oswald Brodie1902-1905 Republican
16.Joseph Henry Kibbey 1905-1909 Democratic
17.Richard Elihu Sloan 1909-1912 Republican
18.George W. P. Hunt1912-1917 Democratic
19.Thomas Edward Campbell1917-1917 Democratic
20.George W. P. Hunt1917-1919Democratic
21.Thomas Edward Campbell1919-1923Republican
22.George W. P. Hunt1923-1929 Democratic
23.John Calhoun Phillips1929-1931 Republican
24.George W. P. Hunt1931-1933 Democratic
25.Benjamin Baker Moeur 1933-1937 Democratic
26.Rawghlie Clement Stanford1937-1939 Democratic
27.Robert Taylor Jones 1939-1941 Democratic
28.Sidney Preston Osborn1941-1948 Democratic
29.Dan Edward Garvey1948-1951 Democratic
30.John Howard Pyle1951-1955 Republican
31.Paul Fannin1955-1959 Republican
32.Samuel Pearson Goddard Jr.1959-1965 Democratic
33.Jack Williams1965-1967Republican
34.Raúl Héctor Castro1967-1975Democratic
35.Wesley Bolin1975-1977Democratic
36.Bruce Babbitt1977-1978Democratic
37.Evan Mecham1978-1987Republican
38.Rose Mofford1987-1988Democratic
39.Fife Symington 1988-1997 Republican
40.Jane Dee Hull1997-2003 Republican
41.Janet Napolitano2003-2009 Democratic
42.Jan Brewer2009-2015 Republican
43.Doug Ducey2015-Present Republican

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