Blog Post Title: here is the Complete List of governors of New Jersey. This blog post provides a complete list of all the governors that have served in New Jersey since its inception as a state and includes pictures and information about each one. The article also lists how long they served for their term, what political party they belonged to, and any other notable accomplishments or interesting facts about them.

List of governors of New Jersy startTerm-endParty
1William Livingston31 August 177625 July 1790Federalist
2Elisha Lawrence25 July 179029 October 1790Federalist
3William Paterson29 October 179030 March 1793Federalist
4Thomas Henderson30 March 17933 June 1793Federalist
5Richard Howell3 June 179331 October 1801Federalist
6Joseph Bloomfield31 October 180128 October 1802Democratic-Republican
7John Lambert28 October 180229 October 1803Democratic-Republican
8Joseph Bloomfield29 October 180329 October 1812Democratic-Republican
9Aaron Ogden29 October 181229 October 1813Federalist
10William Sanford Pennington29 October 181319 June 1815Democratic-Republican
11William Kennedy19 June 181526 October 1815Democratic-Republican
12Mahlon Dickerson26 October 18151 February 1817Democratic-Republican
13Isaac Halstead Williamson6 February 181730 October 1829Federalist
14Garret D. WallDemocratic
15Peter Dumont Vroom6 November 182926 October 1832Democratic
16Samuel L. Southard26 October 183227 February 1833Whig
17Elias P. Seeley27 February 183325 October 1833Whig
18Peter Dumont Vroom25 October 18333 November 1836Democratic
19Philemon Dickerson3 November 183627 October 1837Democratic
20William Pennington27 October 183727 October 1843Whig
21Daniel Haines27 October 184321 January 1845Democratic
22Charles C. Stratton21 January 184518 January 1848Whig
23Daniel Haines18 January 184821 January 1851Democratic
24George F. Fort21 January 185117 January 1854Democratic
25Rodman M. Price17 January 185420 January 1857Democratic
26William A. Newell20 January 185717 January 1860Republican
27Charles Smith Olden17 January 186020 January 1863Republican
28Joel Parker20 January 186316 January 1866Democratic
29Marcus Lawrence Ward16 January 186619 January 1869Republican
30Theodore Fitz Randolph19 January 186916 January 1872Democratic
31Joel Parker16 January 187219 January 1875Democratic
32Joseph D. Bedle19 January 187515 January 1878Democratic
33George B. McClellan15 January 187818 January 1881Democratic
34George C. Ludlow18 January 188115 January 1884Democratic
35Leon Abbett15 January 188418 January 1887Democratic
36Robert Stockton Green18 January 188721 January 1890Democratic
37Leon Abbett21 January 189017 January 1893Democratic
38George Theodore Werts17 January 189321 January 1896Democratic
39John W. Griggs21 January 189631 January 1898Republican
40Foster MacGowan Voorhees31 January 189818 October 1898Republican
41David Ogden Watkins18 October 189817 January 1899Republican
42Foster MacGowan Voorhees17 January 189921 January 1902Republican
43Franklin Murphy21 January 190217 January 1905Republican
44Edward C. Stokes17 January 190521 January 1908Republican
45John Franklin Fort21 January 190817 January 1911Republican
46Woodrow Wilson17 January 19111 March 1913Democratic
47James Fairman Fielder1 March 191328 October 1913Democratic
48Leon R. Taylor28 October 191320 January 1914Democratic
49James Fairman Fielder20 January 191416 January 1917Democratic
50Walter Evans Edge16 January 191716 May 1919Republican
51William Nelson Runyon16 May 191913 January 1920Republican
52Clarence E. Case13 January 192020 January 1920Republican
53Edward I. Edwards20 January 192015 January 1923Democratic
54George Sebastian Silzer15 January 192319 January 1926Democratic
55A. Harry Moore19 January 192615 January 1929Democratic
56Morgan Foster Larson15 January 192919 January 1932Republican
57A. Harry Moore19 January 19323 January 1935Democratic
58Clifford Ross Powell3 January 19358 January 1935Republican
59Horace Griggs Prall8 January 193515 January 1935Republican
60Harold G. Hoffman15 January 193518 January 1938Republican
61A. Harry Moore18 January 193821 January 1941Democratic
62Charles Edison21 January 194118 January 1944Democratic
63Walter Evans Edge18 January 194421 January 1947Republican
64Alfred E. Driscoll21 January 194719 January 1954Republican
65Robert B. Meyner19 January 195416 January 1962Democratic
66Richard J. Hughes16 January 196220 January 1970Democratic
67William T. Cahill20 January 197015 January 1974Republican
68Brendan Byrne15 January 197419 January 1982Democratic
69Thomas Kean19 January 198216 January 1990Republican
70James Florio16 January 199018 January 1994Democratic
71Christine Todd Whitman18 January 199431 January 2001Republican
72Donald DiFrancesco31 January 20018 January 2002Republican
73John Farmer, Jr.8 January 20028 January 2002Republican
74John O. Bennett8 January 200212 January 2002Republican
75Richard Codey12 January 200215 January 2002Democratic
76Jim McGreevey15 January 200215 November 2004Democratic
77Richard Codey15 November 200417 January 2006Democratic
78Jon Corzine17 January 200619 January 2010Democratic
79Chris Christie19 January 2010incumbentRepublican

Conclusion paragraph: In this blog post, we’ve provided a list of all the current governors in New Jersey. We hope you found it helpful and will take advantage of this information to learn more about the history and future of our great state! If there are any other questions or comments you have for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is happy to help answer your queries anytime, anywhere.

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