Here is the complete list of Chief ministers of Himachal Pradesh who served the Himachal Pradesh state. All the details about Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers and their time period along with the political party.

List of Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh

Sl. No.Name of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1Yashwant Singh ParmarMar 8, 1952Oct 31, 56INC
 The state ceased to existOct 31, 1956Jul 1, 63The state was converted into a Union Territory
2Yashwant Singh Parmar[2]Jul 1, 1963Jan 28, 77INC
3Thakur Ram LalJan 28, 1977Apr 30, 77INC
 President’s RuleApr 30, 1977Jun 22, 77 
4Shanta KumarJun 22, 1977Feb 14, 80JNP
5Thakur Ram LalFeb 14, 1980Apr 7, 83INC
6Virbhadra SinghApr 8, 1983Mar 8, 85INC
7Virbhadra SinghMar 8, 1985Mar 5, 90INC
8Shanta KumarMar 5, 1990Dec 15, 92BJP
 President’s RuleDec 15, 1992Dec 3, 93 
9Virbhadra SinghDec 3, 1993Mar 23, 98INC
10Prem Kumar DhumalMar 24, 1998Mar 5, 03BJP
11Virbhadra SinghMar 6, 2003Dec 30, 07INC
12Prem Kumar DhumalDec 30, 2007Dec 25, 12BJP
13Virbhadra SinghDec 25, 201227 December 2017INC
13Jai Ram Thakur27 December 2017PresentBJP

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