Here is the complete list of Chief Ministers of Mizoram who served the Mizoram state. All the details about Mizoram Chief Ministers and their time period along with the political party.

List of Chief Ministers of Mizoram

Sl. No.Name of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1Ch. ChhungaMay 3, 1972May 10, 1977Mizo Union
 President’s ruleMay 11, 1977Jun 1, 1978 
2Thenphunga SailoJun 2, 1978Nov 10, 1978MPC
 President’s ruleNov 10, 1978May 8, 1979 
3Thenphunga SailoMay 8, 1979May 4, 1984MPC
4Pu LalthanhawlaMay 5, 1984Aug 20, 1986INC
5Pu LaldengaAug 21, 1986Sep 7, 1988MNF
 President’s ruleSep 7, 1988Jan 24, 1989 
6Pu LalthanhawlaJan 24, 1989Dec 3, 1998INC
7Pu ZoramthangaDec 3, 1998Dec 11, 2008MNF
8Pu LalthanhawlaDec 11, 2008Dec 11, 2013INC
9Pu LalthanhawlaDec 11, 2013Dec 14, 2018INC
10ZoramthangaDec 15, 2018PresentMNF

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