Since Arkansas became a state in 1836, there have been 43 governors. Here is the complete list, with party affiliation and years served. This information may be useful for research or simply to impress your friends with your knowledge of Arkansas politics!

List of Governors of Arkansas

1.James Miller1819-1824 Republican
2.George Izard1825-1828 Democratic
3.John Pope1829-1835 Republican
4.William S. Fulton1835-1836 Democratic
5.James Sevier Conway1836-1840Democratic
6.Archibald Yell1840-1844Democratic
7.Samuel Adams1844-1844Democratic
8.Thomas Stevenson Drew1844-1849Democratic
9.Richard C. Byrd1849-1849Democratic
10.John Selden Roane1849-1852Democratic
11.Elias Nelson Conway1852-1860Democratic
12.Henry M. Rector1860-1862Independent Democratic
13.Harris Flanagin1862-1865Independent
14.Isaac Murphy1864-1868Independent
15.Powell Clayton1868-1871Republican
16.Elisha Baxter1873-1874Republican
17.Augustus Hill Garland1874-1877Democratic
18.William Read Miller1877-1881Democratic
19.Thomas James Churchill1881-1883Democratic
20.James Henderson Berry1883-1885Democratic
21.Simon Pollard Hughes Jr.1885-1889 Democratic
22.James Philip Eagle1889-1893 Democratic
23.William Meade Fishback1893-1895 Democratic
24.James Paul Clarke1895-1897 Democratic
25.Daniel Webster Jones1897-1901 Democratic
26.Jeff Davis1901-1907 Democratic
27.John Sebastian Little1907-1907 Democratic
28.John Isaac Moore 1907- 1907 Democratic
29.Xenophon Overton Pindall 1907-1909 Democratic
30.George Washington Donaghey1909-1913 Democratic
31.Joseph Taylor Robinson1913-1913 Democratic
32.George Washington Hays1913-1917 Democratic
33.Charles Hillman Brough 1917-1921 Democratic
34.Thomas Chipman McRae1921-1925 Democratic
35.Tom Terral1925-1927 Democratic
36.John Ellis Martineau 1927-1928 Democratic
37.Harvey Parnell1928-1933 Democratic
38.Junius Marion Futrell1933-1937 Democratic
39.Carl E. Bailey1937-1941 Democratic
40.Homer Martin Adkins1941-1945 Democratic
41.Benjamin Travis Laney1945-1949 Democratic
42.Sid McMath1949-1953 Democratic
43.Francis Cherry1953-1955 Democratic
44.Orval Faubus1955-1967 Democratic
45.Winthrop Rockefeller1967-1971Republican
46.Dale Bumpers 1971-1975 Democratic
47.Bob C. Riley1975-1975 Democratic
48.David Pryor1975-1979 Democratic
49.Joe Purcell1979-1979 Democratic
50.Bill Clinton1979-1981 Democratic
51.Frank D. White 1981-1983 Republican
52.Bill Clinton1983-1992 Democratic
53.Jim Guy Tucker1992-1996 Democratic
54.Mike Huckabee1996-2007 Republican
55.Mike Beebe2007-2015 Democratic
56.Asa Hutchinson2015-Present Republican

Conclusion paragraph: I hope you found this post to be insightful and informative. The list of Arkansas governors is long but the information should serve as a good reference for anyone wanting to learn about our state’s history or who might have an interest in public service at some point. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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