Problem: North Carolina is a state of the United States. It was one of the original Thirteen Colonies that formed the United States.

List of Governors North Carolina startTerm-endParty
1Richard Caswell12 November 177620 April 1780No party
2Abner Nash20 April 178026 June 1781No party
3Thomas Burke26 June 178122 April 1782No party
4Alexander Martin22 April 178213 May 1785No party
5Richard Caswell13 May 178520 December 1787No party
6Samuel Johnston20 December 178717 December 1789Federalist
7Alexander Martin17 December 178914 December 1792Anti-Federalist
8Richard Dobbs Spaight14 December 179219 November 1795Federalist
9Samuel Ashe19 November 17957 December 1798Anti-Federalist
10William Richardson Davie7 December 179823 November 1799Federalist
11Benjamin Williams23 November 17996 December 1802Federalist
12James Turner6 December 180210 December 1805Democratic-Republican
13Nathaniel Alexander10 December 18051 December 1807Democratic-Republican
14Benjamin Williams1 December 180712 December 1808Federalist
15David Stone12 December 18081 December 1810Democratic-Republican
16Benjamin Smith1 December 181011 December 1811Democratic-Republican
17William Hawkins11 December 181129 November 1814Democratic-Republican
18William Miller29 November 18146 December 1817Democratic-Republican
19John Branch6 December 18177 December 1820Democratic-Republican
20Jesse Franklin7 December 18207 December 1821Democratic-Republican
21Gabriel Holmes7 December 18217 December 1824Democratic-Republican
22Hutchins Gordon Burton7 December 18248 December 1827No party
23James Iredell, Jr.8 December 182712 December 1828Democratic-Republican
24John Owen12 December 182818 December 1830Democratic
25Montfort Stokes18 December 18306 December 1832Democratic
26David Lowry Swain6 December 183210 December 1835National Republican
27Richard Dobbs Spaight, Jr.10 December 183531 December 1836Democratic
28Edward Bishop Dudley31 December 18361 January 1841Whig
29John Motley Morehead1 January 18411 January 1845Whig
30William Alexander Graham1 January 18451 January 1849Whig
31Charles Manly1 January 18491 January 1851Whig
32David Settle Reid1 January 18516 December 1854Democratic
33Warren Winslow6 December 18541 January 1855Democratic
34Thomas Bragg1 January 18551 January 1859Democratic
35John Willis Ellis1 January 18597 July 1861Democratic
36Henry Toole Clark7 July 18618 September 1862Democratic
37Zebulon Baird Vance8 September 186229 May 1865Conservative
38William Woods Holden29 May 186515 December 1865National Union
39Jonathan Worth15 December 18651 July 1868Conservative
40William Woods Holden1 July 186822 March 1871Republican
41Tod Robinson Caldwell22 March 187111 July 1874Republican
42Curtis Hooks Brogden11 July 18741 January 1877Republican
43Zebulon Baird Vance1 January 18775 February 1879Democratic
44Thomas Jordan Jarvis5 February 187921 January 1885Democratic
45Alfred Moore Scales21 January 188517 January 1889Democratic
46Daniel Gould Fowle17 January 18897 April 1891Democratic
47Thomas Michael Holt7 April 189118 January 1893Democratic
48Elias Carr18 January 189312 January 1897Democratic
49Daniel Lindsay Russell12 January 189715 January 1901Republican
50Charles Brantley Aycock15 January 190111 January 1905Democratic
51Robert Broadnax Glenn11 January 190512 January 1909Democratic
52William Walton Kitchin12 January 190915 January 1913Democratic
53Locke Craig15 January 191311 January 1917Democratic
54Thomas Walter Bickett11 January 191712 January 1921Democratic
55Cameron Morrison12 January 192114 January 1925Democratic
56Angus Wilton McLean14 January 192511 January 1929Democratic
57Oliver Max Gardner11 January 19295 January 1933Democratic
58John C.B. Ehringhaus5 January 19337 January 1937Democratic
59Clyde R. Hoey7 January 19379 January 1941Democratic
60J. Melville Broughton9 January 19414 January 1945Democratic
61R. Gregg Cherry4 January 19456 January 1949Democratic
62W. Kerr Scott6 January 19498 January 1953Democratic
63William B. Umstead8 January 19537 November 1954Democratic
64Luther H. Hodges7 November 19545 January 1961Democratic
65Terry Sanford5 January 19618 January 1965Democratic
66Dan K. Moore8 January 19653 January 1969Democratic
67Robert W. Scott3 January 19695 January 1973Democratic
68James E. Holshouser, Jr.5 January 19738 January 1977Republican
69James B. Hunt, Jr.8 January 19775 January 1985Democratic
70James G. Martin5 January 19859 January 1993Republican
71James B. Hunt, Jr.9 January 19936 January 2001Democratic
72Mike Easley6 January 200110 January 2009Democratic
73Beverly Perdue10 January 20095 January 2013Democratic
74Pat McCrory5 January 201331 December 2016Republican
75Roy Cooper1 January 2017presentDemocratic

If you’re looking for a list of the governors of North Carolina, then we’ve got one here. From Richard Caswell to Roy Cooper, this is your complete guide to all the men and women who have served as governor in our great state’s history.

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