As of January 2019, there are 22 governors of Alaska. This list includes the current governor, Mike Dunleavy, as well as the previous 21 governors of the state. Governors are elected to four-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Learn more about each of Alaska’s governors below.

List of governors of Alaska

S.No.GovernorTerm StartTerm EndParty
1Bill WalkerDecember 1, 2014IncumbentIndependent
2Sean ParnellJuly 26, 2009December 1, 2014Republican
3Sarah PalinDecember 4, 2006July 26, 2009Republican
4Frank MurkowskiDecember 2, 2002December 4, 2006Republican
5Tony KnowlesDecember 2, 1994December 2, 2002Democratic
6Wally HickelDecember 3, 1990December 2, 1994Alaskan Independence, Republican
7Steve CowperDecember 1, 1986December 3, 1990Democratic
8Bill SheffieldDecember 6, 1982December 1, 1986Democratic
9Jay HammondDecember 2, 1974December 6, 1982Republican
10William Allen EganDecember 7, 1970December 2, 1974Democratic
11Keith Harvey MillerJanuary 29, 1969December 7, 1970Republican
12Wally HickelDecember 5, 1966January 29, 1969Republican
13William Allen EganJanuary 3, 1959December 5, 1966Democratic

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