If you’re interested in the political history of Connecticut, then you’ll want to check out this list of governors. It includes information on each governor’s term and party affiliation. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’ll be sure to find someone who represents your interests!

List of governors of Connecticut

1.Jonathan Trumbull1769-1784No party
2.Matthew Griswold1784-1786Federalist
3.Samuel Huntington1786-1796 Federalist
4.Oliver Wolcott1796-1797 Federalist
5.Jonathan Trumbull Jr.1797-1809 Federalist
6.John Treadwell1809-1811 Federalist
7.Roger Griswold1811-1812 Federalist
8.John Cotton Smith1812-1817 Federalist
9.Oliver Wolcott Jr. 1817-1827Toleration
10.Gideon Tomlinson1827-1831Democratic-
11.John Samuel Peters1831-1833National Republican
12.Henry W. Edwards 1833-1834Democratic
13.Samuel A. Foot1834-1835Whig
14.Henry W. Edwards1835-1838 Democratic
15.William W. Ellsworth1838-1842 Whig
16.Chauncey Fitch Cleveland1842-1844 Democratic
17.Roger Sherman Baldwin1844-1846 Whig
18.Isaac Toucey1846-1847 Democratic
19.Clark Bissell1847-1849 Whig
20.Joseph Trumbull 1849-1850 Whig
21.Thomas H. Seymour1850-1853 Democratic
22.Charles H. Pond1853-1854 Democratic
23.Henry Dutton1854-1855 Whig
24.William T. Minor1855-1857American
25.Alexander H. Holley1857-1858 Republican
26.William Alfred Buckingham1858-1866 Republican
27.Joseph Roswell Hawley1866-1867 Republican
28.James E. English1867-1869 Democratic
29.Marshall Jewell1869-1870 Republican
30.James E. English1870-1871 Democratic
31.Marshall Jewell1871-1873 Democratic
32.Charles Roberts Ingersoll1873-1877 Republican
33.Richard D. Hubbard1877-1879 Democratic
34.Charles B. Andrews1879-1881 Republican
35.Hobart B. Bigelow 1881-1883 Republican
36.Thomas M. Waller1883-1885 Democratic
37.Henry Baldwin Harrison1885-1887 Republican
38.Phineas C. Lounsbury1887-1889 Republican
39.Morgan Bulkeley1889-1893 Republican
40.Luzon B. Morris1893-1895 Democratic
41.Lorrin A. Cooke1895-1897 Republican
42.George E. Lounsbury1897-1901 Republican
43.George P. McLean1901-1903 Republican
44.Abiram Chamberlain1903-1905 Republican
45.Henry Roberts1905-1907 Republican
46.Rollin S. Woodruff1907-1909 Republican
47.George L. Lilley1909-1909 Republican
48.Frank B. Weeks1909-1911 Republican
49.Simeon Eben Baldwin1911-1915 Democratic
50.Marcus H. Holcomb1915-1921 Republican
51.Everett J. Lake 1921-1923 Republican
52.Charles A. Templeton1923-1925 Republican
53.Hiram Bingham III1925-1925 Republican
54.John H. Trumbull1925-1931 Republican
55.Wilbur Lucius Cross1931-1939 Democratic
56.Raymond E. Baldwin1939-1941 Republican
57.Robert A. Hurley1941-1943 Democratic
58.Raymond E. Baldwin1943-1946 Republican
59.Charles Wilbert Snow1946-1947 Democratic
60.James L. McConaughy1947-1948 Republican
61.James C. Shannon1948-1949 Republican
62.Chester Bowles1949-1951 Democratic
63.John Davis Lodge1951-1955 Republican
64.Abraham Ribicoff1955-1961 Democratic
65.John N. Dempsey1961-1971 Democratic
66.Thomas Meskill 1971-1975 Republican
67.Ella Grasso1975-1980 Democratic
68.William A. O’Neill1980-1991 Democratic
69.Lowell Weicker1991-1995A Connecticut Party
70.John G. Rowland1995-2004 Republican
71.Jodi Rell2004-2011 Republican
72.Dannel Malloy2011-2019 Democratic
73.Ned Lamont2019-Present Democratic

Conclusion paragraph: I hope you get all the information about governors of Connecticut. The list is complete and free, so don’t worry about it! I can help you with each governor’s address or phone number if needed. Please share this article because we need to spread awareness about these important people who work hard for us. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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