Governors of Delaware provide leadership and service to the state of Delaware. The role of the governor is one of the most important in state government. Governors are responsible for advancing the interests of Delawareans and ensuring that state government functions effectively. This list includes all governors of Delaware from colonial times to the present day.

List of governors of Delaware

1.John McKinley1777-1777No parties
2.Thomas McKean1777-1777No parties
3.George Read1777-1778 No parties
4.Caesar Rodney1778-1781 No parties
5.John Dickinson1781-1783 No parties
6.John Cook1782-1783 No parties
7.Nicholas Van Dyke1783-1786 No parties
8.Thomas Collins1786-1789 No parties
9.Jehu Davis1789-1789 No parties
10.Joshua Clayton1789-1796Federalist
11.Gunning Bedford Sr.1796-1797Federalist
12.Daniel Rogers1797-1799Federalist
13.Richard Bassett1799-1801Federalist
14.James Sykes1801-1802Federalist
15.David Hall1802-1805Democratic-Republican
16.Nathaniel Mitchell1805-1808 Federalist
17.George Truitt1808-1811 Federalist
18.Joseph Haslet1811-1814Democratic-Republican
19.Daniel Rodney1814-1817 Federalist
20.John Clark1817-1820 Federalist
21.Jacob Stout 1820-1821 Federalist
22.John Collins1821-1822 Democratic-Republican
23.Caleb Rodney1822-1823 Federalist
24.Joseph Haslet1823-1823 Democratic-Republican
25.Charles Thomas1823-1824 Democratic-Republican
26.Samuel Paynter1824-1827 Federalist
27.Charles Polk Jr.1827-1830 Federalist
28.David Hazzard1830-1833National Republican
29.Caleb P. Bennett1833-1836 Democratic
30.Charles Polk Jr.1836-1837Whig
31.Cornelius P. Comegys 1837-1841 Whig
32.William B. Cooper1841-1845 Whig
33.Thomas Stockton1845-1846 Whig
34.Joseph Maull1846-1846 Whig
35.William Temple1846-1847 Whig
36.William Tharp1847-1851 Democratic
37.William H. H. Ross1851-1855 Democratic
38.Peter F. Causey1855-1859American
39.William Burton1859-1863 Democratic
40.William Cannon1863-1865Republican
41.Gove Saulsbury 1865-1871 Democratic
42.James Ponder1871-1875 Democratic
43.John P. Cochran1875-1879 Democratic
44.John W. Hall1879-1883 Democratic
45.Charles C. Stockley1883-1887 Democratic
46.Benjamin T. Biggs1887-1891 Democratic
47.Robert J. Reynolds1891-1895 Democratic
48.Joshua H. Marvil1895-1895 Republican
49.William T. Watson1895-1897 Democratic
50.Ebe W. Tunnell1897-1901 Democratic
51.John Hunn1901-1905 Republican
52.Preston Lea1905-1909 Republican
53.Simeon S. Pennewill 1909-1913 Republican
54.Charles R. Miller1913-1917 Republican
55.John G. Townsend Jr.1917-1921 Republican
56.William D. Denney1921-1925 Republican
57.Robert P. Robinson1925-1929 Republican
58.C. Douglass Buck1929-1937 Republican
59.Richard McMullen1937-1941 Democratic
60.Walter W. Bacon1941-1949 Republican
61.Elbert N. Carvel1949-1953 Democratic
62.J. Caleb Boggs1953-1960 Republican
63.David P. Buckson1960-1961 Republican
64.Elbert N. Carvel 1961-1965 Democratic
65.Charles L. Terry Jr.1965-1969 Democratic
66.Russell W. Peterson1969-1973 Republican
67.Sherman W. Tribbett1973-1977 Democratic
68.Pete du Pont1977-1985 Republican
69.Mike Castle1985-1992 Republican
70.Dale E. Wolf1992-1993 Republican
71.Tom Carper1993-2001 Democratic
72.Ruth Ann Minner2001-2009 Democratic
73.Jack Markell2009-2017 Democratic
74.John Carney2017-Present Democratic

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