The Sunshine State has a rich history when it comes to politics and government. From the time of Spanish colonization in the 16th century all the way until today, Florida has been governed by a series of impressive leaders. Here is a complete list of governors of Florida from the beginning to the present day.

List of governors of Florida

1.William Dunn Moseley1845-1849Democratic
2.Thomas Brown1849-1853Whig
3.James E. Broome1853-1857 Democratic
4.Madison S. Perry1857-1861 Democratic
5.John Milton1861-1865 Democratic
6.Abraham K. Allison1865-1865 Democratic
7.William Marvin1865-1865
8.David S. Walker 1865-1868 Democratic
9.Harrison Reed1868-1873Republican
10.Ossian B. Hart1873-1874Republican
11.Marcellus Stearns1874-1877Republican
12.George Franklin Drew 1877-1881 Democratic
13.William D. Bloxham1881-1885 Democratic
14.Edward A. Perry1885-1889 Democratic
15.Francis P. Fleming1889-1893 Democratic
16.Henry L. Mitchell1893-1897 Democratic
17.William D. Bloxham1897-1901 Democratic
18.William Sherman Jennings1901-1905 Democratic
19.Napoleon B. Broward1905-1909 Democratic
20.Albert W. Gilchrist1909-1913 Democratic
21.Park Trammell 1913-1917 Democratic
22.Sidney Johnston Catts1917-1921Prohibition
23.Cary A. Hardee1921-1925 Democratic
24.John W. Martin1925-1929 Democratic
25.Doyle E. Carlton1929-1933 Democratic
26.David Sholtz1933-1937 Democratic
27.Fred P. Cone1937-1941 Democratic
28.Spessard Holland1941-1945 Democratic
29.Millard Caldwell1945-1949 Democratic
30.Fuller Warren1949-1953 Democratic
31.Daniel T. McCarty1953-1953 Democratic
32.Charley Eugene Johns1953-1955 Democratic
33.LeRoy Collins1955-1961 Democratic
34.C. Farris Bryant1961-1965 Democratic
35.W. Haydon Burns1965-1967 Democratic
36.Claude R. Kirk Jr.1967-1971Republican
37.Reubin Askew1971-1979 Democratic
38.Bob Graham 1979 -1987 Democratic
39.Wayne Mixson1987-1987 Democratic
40.Bob Martinez1987-1991 Republican
41.Lawton Chiles1991-1998 Democratic
42.Buddy MacKay1998-1999 Democratic
43.Jeb Bush1999-2007 Republican
44.Charlie Crist2007-2011 Republican
45.Rick Scott2011-2019 Republican
46.Ron DeSantis2019-Present Republican

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