As of 2019, there are six living former governors of Hawaii. This blog post will provide a complete list of all the governors of Hawaii, as well as their terms in office. Governors in Hawaii are elected to four-year terms, and since statehood in 1959, there have been a total of 18 governors. Read on for more information about the governors of Hawaii!

1.William F. Quinn1959-1962Republican
2.John A. Burns1962-1974Democratic
3.George Ariyoshi1974-1986 Democratic
4.John D. Waiheʻe III1986-1994 Democratic
5.Ben Cayetano1994-2002 Democratic
6.Linda Lingle2002-2010 Republican
7.Neil Abercrombie2010-2014 Democratic
8.David Ige2014-Present Democratic

Conclusion paragraph: The history of the state’s governors is a fascinating one, with some who represent us today and others who were in power before Hawaii became our 50th state. I hope you get all the information about these leaders that we have compiled for you here so that when they are elected to office again, you can excitedly say “I knew them way back when!”

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