Idaho has had a total of 46 governors since its statehood in 1890. The position of governor is an important one, responsible for the overall direction and governance of the state. Here is a complete list of all Idaho governors.

1.George L. Shoup1890-1890Republican
2.N. B. Willey1890-1893 Republican
3.William J. McConnell1893-1897 Republican
4.Frank Steunenberg1897-1901Democratic
5.Frank W. Hunt1901-1903 Democratic
6.John T. Morrison1903-1905 Republican
7.Frank R. Gooding1905-1909 Republican
8.James H. Brady1909-1911 Republican
9.James H. Hawley 1911-1913 Democratic
10.John M. Haines1913-1915 Republican
11.Moses Alexander1915-1919 Democratic
12.D. W. Davis1919-1923 Republican
13.Charles C. Moore1923-1927 Republican
14.H. C. Baldridge1927-1931 Republican
15.C. Ben Ross1931-1937 Democratic
16.Barzilla W. Clark1937-1939 Democratic
17.C. A. Bottolfsen1939-1941 Republican
18.Chase A. Clark1941-1943 Republican
19.C. A. Bottolfsen1943-1945 Republican
20.Charles C. Gossett1945-1945 Democratic
21.Arnold Williams1945-1947 Democratic
22.C. A. Robins 1947-1951 Republican
23.Leonard B. Jordan1951-1955 Republican
24.Robert E. Smylie1955-1967 Republican
25.Don Samuelson1967-1971 Republican
26.Cecil Andrus1971-1977 Democratic
27.John V. Evans1977-1987 Democratic
28.Cecil Andrus1987-1995 Democratic
29.Phil Batt 1995-1999 Republican
30.Dirk Kempthorne1999-2006 Republican
31.Jim Risch2006-2007 Republican
32.Butch Otter2007-2019 Republican
33.Brad Little2019-Present Republican

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