The list of governors in Kansas is extensive and includes many different people. This post will give you the complete list, along with brief descriptions of who they are, where they served, and when their term ended. If you’re looking to learn about these political leaders or if you want to find out more information about your favorite governor then this article is for you!

List of governors of Kasnas

1.Charles L. Robinson1861-1863Republican
2.Thomas Carney1863-1865 Republican
3.Samuel J. Crawford1865-1868 Republican
4.Nehemiah Green1868-1869 Republican
5.James M. Harvey1869-1873 Republican
6.Thomas A. Osborn1873-1877 Republican
7.George T. Anthony1877-1879 Republican
8.John St. John1879-1883 Republican
9.George Washington Glick1883-1885Democratic
10.John Martin1885-1889 Republican
11.Lyman U. Humphrey1889-1893 Republican
12.Lorenzo D. Lewelling1893-1895Populist
13.Edmund Needham Morrill1895-1897 Republican
14.John W. Leedy1897-1899Populist
15.William Eugene Stanley1899-1903 Republican
16.Willis J. Bailey1903-1905 Republican
17.Edward W. Hoch1905-1909 Republican
18.Walter R. Stubbs1909-1913 Republican
19.George H. Hodges1913-1915 Democratic
20.Arthur Capper1915-1919 Republican
21.Henry Justin Allen1919-1923 Republican
22.Jonathan M. Davis1923-1925 Democratic
23.Benjamin S. Paulen 1925-1929 Republican
24.Clyde M. Reed1929-1931 Republican
25.Harry Hines Woodring1931-1933 Democratic
26.Alf Landon1933-1937 Republican
27.Walter A. Huxman1937-1939 Democratic
28.Payne Ratner1939-1943 Republican
29.Andrew Frank Schoeppel1943-1947 Republican
30.Frank Carlson1947-1950 Republican
31.Frank L. Hagaman1950-1951 Republican
32.Edward F. Arn1951-1955 Republican
33.Fred Hall1955-1957 Republican
34.John McCuish1957-1957 Republican
35.George Docking1957-1961 Democratic
36.John Anderson Jr.1961-1965 Republican
37.William H. Avery 1965-1967 Republican
38.Robert Docking1967-1975 Democratic
39.Robert Frederick Bennett1975-1979 Republican
40.John W. Carlin1979-1987 Democratic
41.Mike Hayden1987-1991 Republican
42.Joan Finney1991-1995 Democratic
43.Bill Graves1995-2003 Republican
44.Kathleen Sebelius2003-2009 Democratic
45.Mark Parkinson2009-2011 Democratic
46.Sam Brownback2011-2018 Republican
47.Jeff Colyer2018-2019 Republican
48.Laura Kelly2019-Present Democratic

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