Kentucky is one of the 50 states in America. It has a governor who is the head of state. The governor is elected for a four-year term. There are many things that the governor does, such as appointing people to different positions and signing bills into law. Here is a complete list of governors in Kentucky since it became a state in 1792.

1.Isaac Shelby1792-1796Democratic-
2.James Garrard1796-1804Democratic-
3.Christopher Greenup1804-1808 Democratic-
4.Charles Scott1808-1812 Democratic-
5.Isaac Shelby1812-1816 Democratic-
6.George Madison1816-1816 Democratic-
7.Gabriel Slaughter1816-1820 Democratic-
8.John Adair1820-1824 Democratic-
9.Joseph Desha1824-1828 Democratic-
10.Thomas Metcalfe1828-1832National
11.John Breathitt1832-1834Whig
12.James Turner Morehead1834-1836National
13.James Clark1836-1839 Whig
14.Charles A. Wickliffe1839-1840 Whig
15.Robert P. Letcher1840-1844 Whig
16.William Owsley1844-1848 Whig
17.John J. Crittenden1848-1850 Whig
18.John L. Helm1850-1851 Whig
19.Lazarus W. Powell1851-1855 Democratic
20.Charles S. Morehead1855-1859Known Nothing
21.Beriah Magoffin 1859-1862 Democratic
22.James Fisher Robinson1862-1863 Democratic
23.Thomas E. Bramlette1863-1867 Democratic
24.John L. Helm1867-1867 Democratic
25.John W. Stevenson1867-1871 Democratic
26.Preston Leslie1871-1875 Democratic
27.James B. McCreary1875-1879 Democratic
28.Luke P. Blackburn1879-1883 Democratic
29.J. Proctor Knott1883-1887 Democratic
30.Simon Bolivar Buckner1887-1891 Democratic
31.John Y. Brown1891-1895 Democratic
32.William O’Connell Bradley1895-1899 Republican
33.William S. Taylor1899-1900 Republican
34.William Goebel1900-1900 Democratic
35.J. C. W. Beckham1900-1907 Democratic
36.Augustus E. Willson1907-1911 Republican
37.James B. McCreary1911-1915 Democratic
38.Augustus Owsley Stanley1915-1919 Republican
39.James D. Black1919-1919 Republican
40.Edwin P. Morrow1919-1923 Republican
41.William J. Fields 1923-1927 Democratic
42.Flem D. Sampson1927-1931 Republican
43.Ruby Laffoon1931-1935 Democratic
44.Happy Chandler1935-1939 Democratic
45.Keen Johnson1939-1943 Democratic
46.Simeon Willis1943-1947 Republican
47.Earle Clements1947-1950 Democratic
48.Lawrence Wetherby1950-1955 Democratic
49.Happy Chandler1955-1959 Democratic
50.Bert Combs1959-1963 Democratic
51.Ned Breathitt1963-1967 Democratic
52.Louie Nunn1967-1971 Republican
53.Wendell Ford1971-1974 Democratic
54.Julian Carroll1974-1979 Democratic
55.John Y. Brown Jr.1979-1983 Democratic
56.Martha Layne Collins1983-1987 Democratic
57.Wallace Wilkinson1987-1991 Democratic
58.Brereton Jones1991-1995 Democratic
59.Paul E. Patton1995-2003 Democratic
60.Ernie Fletcher2003-2007 Republican
61.Steve Beshear 2007-2015 Democratic
62.Matt Bevin2015-2019 Republican
63.Andy Beshear2019-Incumbent Democratic

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