Louisiana is a state with many rich traditions and a long, colorful history. Its governors have been a big part of that history, and today we’re taking a look at the complete list of Louisiana governors. This is sure to be an interesting read for anyone interested in Louisiana politics!

List of governors of Louisiana

1.William C. C. Claiborne1812-1816Democratic-
2.Jacques Villeré1816-1820 Democratic-
3.Thomas B. Robertson1820-1824 Democratic-
4.Henry S. Thibodaux 1824-1824 Democratic-
5.Henry Johnson1824-1828 Democratic-
6.Pierre Derbigny 1828-1829National
7.Armand Beauvais 1829-1830 National
8..Jacques Dupré1830-1831 National
9.Andre B. Roman1831-1835 National
10.Edward Douglass White Sr.1835-1839Whig
11.Andre B. Roman1839-1843Whig
12.Alexandre Mouton1843-1846Democratic
13.Isaac Johnson1846-1850 Democratic
14.Joseph Marshall Walker1850-1853 Democratic
15.Paul Octave Hébert1853-1856 Democratic
16.Robert C. Wickliffe1856-1860 Democratic
17.Thomas Overton Moore1860-1864Military
18.George Foster Shepley1864-1865 Democratic
19.Henry Watkins Allen1864-1865 Republican
20.Michael Hahn1865-1867 Republican
21.James Madison Wells1867-1868 Republican
22.Benjamin Flanders1868-1868 Democratic
23.Joshua Baker1868-1872 Republican
24.Henry C. Warmoth1872-1873 Republican
25.P. B. S. Pinchback1873-1873 Democratic
26.William Pitt Kellogg 1873- 1873 Republican
27.Stephen B. Packard 1877-1880 Republican
28.Francis T. Nicholls1880-1881 Democratic
29.Louis A. Wiltz1881-1888 Democratic
30.Samuel D. McEnery1888-1892 Democratic
31.Francis T. Nicholls1892-1900 Democratic
32.Murphy J. Foster1900-1904 Democratic
33.William Wright Heard1904-1908 Democratic
34.Newton C. Blanchard1908-1912 Democratic
35.Jared Y. Sanders Sr.1912-1916 Democratic
36.Luther E. Hall1916-1920 Democratic
37.Ruffin G. Pleasant1920-1924 Democratic
38.John M. Parker1924-1926 Democratic
39.Henry L. Fuqua1926-1928 Democratic
40.Oramel H. Simpson1928-1932 Democratic
41.Huey Long1932-1932 Democratic
42.Alvin Olin King1932-1936 Democratic
43.Oscar K. Allen1936-1936 Democratic
44.James A. Noe1936-1939 Democratic
45.Richard W. Leche1939-1940 Democratic
46.Sam H. Jones 1940-1944 Democratic
47.Jimmie Davis1944-1948 Democratic
48.Earl Long1948-1952 Democratic
49.Robert F. Kennon1952-1956 Democratic
50.Earl Long1956-1960 Democratic
51.Jimmie Davis1960-1964 Democratic
52.John McKeithen1964-1972 Democratic
53.Edwin Edwards1972-1980 Democratic
54.Dave Treen1980-1984 Republican
55.Edwin Edwards1984-1988 Democratic
56.Buddy Roemer1988-1992 Democratic
57.Edwin Edwards 1992-1996 Democratic
58.Mike Foster1996-2004 Republican
59.Kathleen Blanco2004-2008 Democratic
60.Bobby Jindal2008-2016 Republican
61.John Bel Edwards2016-Present Democratic

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