There are 99 governors of Lowa, one for each county in the state. The governor is the chief executive officer of the state, responsible for carrying out the laws of the state. Governors are elected to four-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. Here is a complete list of all Lowa governors since 1846.

1.Ansel Briggs1846-1850Democratic
2.Stephen P. Hempstead1850-1854 Democratic
3.James W. Grimes1854-1858Republican
4.Ralph P. Lowe1858-1860Republican
5.Samuel J. Kirkwood1860-1864 Republican
6.William M. Stone1864-1868 Republican
7.Samuel Merrill1868-1872 Republican
8.Cyrus C. Carpenter1872-1876 Republican
9.Samuel J. Kirkwood1876-1877 Republican
10.Joshua G. Newbold1877-1878 Republican
11.John H. Gear1878-1882 Republican
12.Buren R. Sherman1882-1886 Republican
13.William Larrabee1886-1890 Republican
14.Horace Boies1890-1894 Democratic
15.Frank D. Jackson1894-1896 Republican
16.Francis M. Drake1896-1898 Republican
17.L. M. Shaw1898-1902 Republican
18.Albert B. Cummins1902-1908 Republican
19.Warren Garst1908-1909 Republican
20.Beryl F. Carroll1909-1913 Republican
21.George W. Clarke1913-1917 Republican
22.William L. Harding1917-1921 Republican
23.Nathan E. Kendall1921-1925 Republican
24.John Hammill 1925-1931Democratic
25.Dan W. Turner1931-1933 Democratic
26.Clyde L. Herring1933-1937 Republican
27.Nelson G. Kraschel1937-1939 Republican
28.George A. Wilson1939-1943 Republican
29.Bourke B. Hickenlooper1943-1945 Republican
30.Robert D. Blue1945-1949 Republican
31.William S. Beardsley1949-1954 Republican
32.Leo Elthon1954-1955 Republican
33.Leo Hoegh1955-1957 Republican
34.Herschel C. Loveless1957-1961 Democratic
35.Norman A. Erbe1961-1963 Republican
36.Harold Hughes1963-1969 Democratic
37.Robert D. Fulton1969-1969 Democratic
38.Robert D. Ray 1969-1983 Republican
39.Terry Branstad1983-1999 Republican
40.Tom Vilsack1999-2007 Democratic
41.Chet Culver2007-2011 Democratic
42.Terry Branstad2011-2017 Republican
43.Kim Reynolds2017-Present Republican

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