Maine is a state in the northeastern United States, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south. Maine became a state on March 15th, 1820. As of 2018, there are 6 people serving as governor of Maine.

List of governors of Maine

1.William King1820-1821Democratic-Republican
2.William D. Williamson1821-1821 Democratic-Republican
3.Benjamin Ames1821-1822 Democratic-Republican
4.Daniel Rose1822-1822 Democratic-Republican
5.Albion K. Parris1822-1827 Democratic-Republican
6.Enoch Lincoln1827-1829 Democratic-Republican
7.Nathan Cutler1829-1830 Democratic
8.Joshua Hall1830-1830 Democratic
9.Jonathan G. Hunton1830-1831National Republican
10.Samuel E. Smith1831-1834 Democratic
11.Robert P. Dunlap1834-1838 Democratic
12.Edward Kent1838-1839Whig
13.John Fairfield1839-1841  Democratic
14.Richard H. Vose1841-1841  Whig
15.Edward Kent1841-1842 Whig
16.John Fairfield1842-1843 Democratic
17.Edward Kavanagh1843-1844 Democratic
18.David Dunn1844-1844 Democratic
19.John W. Dana1844-1844 Democratic
20.Hugh J. Anderson1844-1847 Democratic
21.John W. Dana1847-1850 Democratic
22.John Hubbard1850-1853 Democratic
23.William G. Crosby1853-1855Whig
24.Anson Morrill1855-1856 Republican
25.Samuel Wells1856-1857 Democratic
26.Hannibal Hamlin1857-1858Republican
27.Joseph H. Williams1858-1861Republican
28.Lot M. Morrill1861-1863 Republican
29.Israel Washburn, Jr.1863-1863 Republican
30.Abner Coburn1863-1867 Republican
31.Samuel Cony1867-1867 Republican
32.Joshua Chamberlain 1867-1871 Republican
33.Sidney Perham1871-1876 Republican
34.Nelson Dingley Jr.1876-1874 Republican
35.Seldon Connor1874-1876 Republican
36.Alonzo Garcelon1876-1879Democratic
37.Daniel F. Davis1879-1880 Republican
38.Harris M. Plaisted1880-1881Greenback / Democratic
39.Frederick Robie1881-1883 Republican
40.Joseph R. Bodwell1883-1887 Republican
41.Sebastian Streeter Marble1887-1889 Republican
42.Edwin C. Burleigh 1889-1893 Republican
43.Henry B. Cleaves1893-1897 Republican
44.Llewellyn Powers1897-1901 Republican
45.John Fremont Hill1901-1905 Republican
46.William T. Cobb1905-1909 Republican
47.Bert M. Fernald1909-1911 Republican
48.Frederick W. Plaisted1911-1913 Democratic
49.William T. Haines1913-1915 Republican
50.Oakley C. Curtis1915-1917 Democratic
51.Carl Milliken1917-1921 Republican
52.Frederic Hale Parkhurst1921-1921 Republican
53.Percival P. Baxter1921-1925 Republican
54.Owen Brewster1925-1929 Republican
55.William Tudor Gardiner1929-1933 Republican
56.Louis J. Brann1933-1937 Democratic
57.Lewis O. Barrows1937-1941 Republican
58.Sumner Sewall 1941-1945 Republican
59.Horace Hildreth1945-1949 Republican
60.Frederick G. Payne1949-1952 Republican
61.Burton M. Cross1952-1953 Republican
62.Nathaniel M. Haskell1953-1953 Republican
63.Burton M. Cross1953-1955 Republican
64.Edmund Muskie1955-1959 Democratic
65.Robert Haskell1959-1959 Republican
66.Clinton Clauson1959-1967 Democratic
67.John H. Reed1967-1975 Republican
68.Kenneth M. Curtis1975-1979 Democratic
69.James B. Longley1979-1987 Republican
70.Joseph Brennan1987-1995 Democratic
71.John McKernan 1995-2003 Republican
72.Angus King2003-2011 Republican
73.John Baldacci2011-2019 Democratic
74.Paul LePage2011-2019 Republican
75.Janet Mills2019-Present Democratic

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