There have been a total of 56 individuals who have served as the governor of Massachusetts since its establishment in 1691. Of these, John Hancock and Paul Cellucci served the longest, each for 8 years. The shortest-serving governor was Elbridge Gerry, who only held office for six months. This list provides detailed information on each individual who has held the position, including their dates of service and party affiliation. Check it out to learn more about your state’s history!

List of governors of Massachusetts startTerm-endParty
1John Hancock25 October 178017 February 1785None
2Thomas Cushing17 February 178527 May 1785None
3James Bowdoin27 May 178530 May 1787None
4John Hancock30 May 17878 October 1793None
5Samuel Adams8 October 17932 June 1797None
6Increase Sumner2 June 17977 June 1799Federalist
7Moses Gill7 June 179920 May 1800None
8Governor’s Council20 May 180030 May 1800None
9Caleb Strong30 May 180029 May 1807Federalist
10James Sullivan29 May 180710 December 1808Democratic-Republican
11Levi Lincoln, Sr.10 December 18081 May 1809Democratic-Republican
12Christopher Gore1 May 180910 June 1810Federalist
13Elbridge Gerry10 June 18104 March 1812Democratic-Republican
14Caleb Strong4 March 181230 May 1816Federalist
15John Brooks30 May 181631 May 1823Federalist
16William Eustis31 May 18236 February 1825Democratic-Republican
17Marcus Morton6 February 182526 May 1825Democratic-Republican
18Levi Lincoln, Jr.26 May 18259 January 1834NationalRepublican
19John Davis9 January 18341 March 1835Whig
20Samuel Turell Armstrong1 March 183513 January 1836Whig
21Edward Everett13 January 183618 January 1840Whig
22Marcus Morton18 January 18407 January 1841Democratic
23John Davis7 January 184117 January 1843Whig
24Marcus Morton17 January 18439 January 1844Democratic
25George N. Briggs9 January 184411 January 1851Whig
26George S. Boutwell11 January 185114 January 1853Democratic
27John H. Clifford14 January 185312 January 1854Whig
28Emory Washburn12 January 18544 January 1855Whig
29Henry Gardner4 January 18557 January 1858Know-Nothing
30Nathaniel Prentice Banks7 January 18583 January 1861Republican
31John Albion Andrew3 January 18614 January 1866Republican
32Alexander H. Bullock4 January 18667 January 1869Republican
33William Claflin7 January 18694 January 1872Republican
34William B. Washburn4 January 187229 April 1874Republican
35Thomas Talbot29 April 18747 January 1875Republican
36William Gaston7 January 18756 January 1876Democratic
37Alexander H. Rice6 January 18762 January 1879Republican
38Thomas Talbot2 January 18798 January 1880Republican
39John Davis Long8 January 18804 January 1883Republican
40Benjamin F. Butler4 January 18833 January 1884Democratic
41George D. Robinson3 January 18846 January 1887Republican
42Oliver Ames6 January 18877 January 1890Republican
43John Q. A. Brackett7 January 18908 January 1891Republican
44William E. Russell8 January 18914 January 1894Democratic
45Frederic T. Greenhalge4 January 18945 March 1896Republican
46Roger Wolcott5 March 18964 January 1900Republican
47Winthrop Murray Crane4 January 19008 January 1903Republican
48John L. Bates8 January 19035 January 1905Republican
49William L. Douglas5 January 19054 January 1906Democratic
50Curtis Guild, Jr.4 January 19067 January 1909Republican
51Eben Sumner Draper7 January 19095 January 1911Republican
52Eugene Noble Foss5 January 19118 January 1914Democratic
53David I. Walsh8 January 19146 January 1916Democratic
54Samuel W. McCall6 January 19162 January 1919Republican
55Calvin Coolidge2 January 19196 January 1921Republican
56Channing H. Cox6 January 19218 January 1925Republican
57Alvan T. Fuller8 January 19253 January 1929Republican
58Frank G. Allen3 January 19298 January 1931Republican
59Joseph B. Ely8 January 19313 January 1935Democratic
60James Michael Curley3 January 19357 January 1937Democratic
61Charles F. Hurley7 January 19375 January 1939Democratic
62Leverett Saltonstall5 January 19393 January 1945Republican
63Maurice J. Tobin3 January 19452 January 1947Democratic
64Robert F. Bradford2 January 19476 January 1949Republican
65Paul A. Dever6 January 19498 January 1953Democratic
66Christian A. Herter8 January 19533 January 1957Republican
67Foster Furcolo3 January 19575 January 1961Democratic
68John A. Volpe5 January 19613 January 1963Republican
69Endicott Peabody3 January 19637 January 1965Democratic
70John A. Volpe7 January 196522 January 1969Republican
71Francis W. Sargent22 January 19692 January 1975Republican
72Michael Dukakis2 January 19754 January 1979Democratic
73Edward J. King4 January 19796 January 1983Democratic
74Michael Dukakis (1933- )6 January 19833 January 1991Democratic
75William F. Weld (1945- )3 January 199129 July 1997Republican
76Paul Cellucci (1948-2013)29 July 199710 April 2001Republican
77Jane Swift (1965- )10 April 20012 January 2003Republican
78Mitt Romney (1947- )2 January 20034 January 2007Republican
79Deval Patrick (1956- )4 January 20078 January 2015Democratic
80Charlie Baker (1956- )8 January 2015PresentRepublican

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