Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. The state has been governed by 44 governors, as of January 2019. Minnesota was admitted to the Union on May 11, 1858, and became the 32nd US State. Welcome to this blog post where we will go through each one of these governors and their accomplishments!

List of governors of Minnesota

S.no.GovernorTerm startTerm-endParty
1Henry H. Sibley24 May 18582 January 1860Democratic
2Alexander Ramsey2 January 186010 July 1863Republican
3Henry A. Swift10 July 186311 January 1864Republican
4Stephen Miller11 January 18648 January 1866Republican
5William R. Marshall8 January 18669 January 1870Republican
6Horace Austin9 January 18707 January 1874Republican
7Cushman K. Davis7 January 18747 January 1876Republican
8John S. Pillsbury7 January 187610 January 1882Republican
9Lucius F. Hubbard10 January 18825 January 1887Republican
10Andrew R. McGill5 January 18879 January 1889Republican
11William R. Merriam9 January 18899 January 1893Republican
12Knute Nelson9 January 189331 January 1895Republican
13David M. Clough31 January 18952 January 1899Republican
14John Lind2 January 18997 January 1901Democratic
15Samuel R. Van Sant7 January 19014 January 1905Republican
16John A. Johnson4 January 190521 September 1909Democratic
17Adolph O. Eberhart21 September 19095 January 1915Republican
18Winfield S. Hammond5 January 191530 December 1915Democratic
19J. A. A. Burnquist30 December 19155 January 1921Republican
20J. A. O. Preus5 January 19216 January 1925Republican
21Theodore Christianson6 January 19256 January 1931Republican
22Floyd B. Olson6 January 193122 August 1936Farmer-Labor
23Hjalmar Petersen22 August 19364 January 1937Farmer-Labor
24Elmer A. Benson4 January 19372 January 1939Farmer-Labor
25Harold E. Stassen2 January 193927 April 1943Republican
26Edward J. Thye27 April 19438 January 1947Republican
27Luther W. Youngdahl8 January 194727 September 1951Republican
28C. Elmer Anderson27 September 19515 January 1955Republican
29Orville L. Freeman5 January 19552 January 1961Democratic-Farmer-Labor
30Elmer L. Andersen2 January 196125 March 1963Republican
31Karl F. Rolvaag25 March 19632 January 1967Democratic-Farmer-Labor
32Harold LeVander2 January 19674 January 1971Republican
33Wendell R. Anderson4 January 197129 December 1976Democratic-Farmer-Labor
34Rudy Perpich29 December 19764 January 1979Democratic-Farmer-Labor
35Al Quie4 January 19793 January 1983Independent-Republican
36Rudy Perpich3 January 19837 January 1991Democratic-Farmer-Labor
37Arne H. Carlson7 January 19914 January 1999Independent-Republican/ Republican
38Jesse Ventura (James Janos)[8]4 January 19996 January 2003Reform/Independence
39Tim Pawlenty6 January 20033 January 2011Republican
40Mark Dayton3 January 2011IncumbentDemocratic-Farmer-Labor

Conclusion paragraph: I hope you found this list of Minnesota’s governors to be helpful. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family on social media, so they can learn about the people who have been in charge over the years. You never know when one of these names will pop up again!

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