Here is the complete list of governors of Missouri. You can click on each name to learn more about that governor’s term and legacy. This list starts with Missouri’s first governor, Alexander McNair in 1820 and goes all the way up to current Governor Eric Greitens in 2017. The state has had a total of 55 different people serve as governor since it was admitted into the union in 1821. startTerm-endParty
1Alexander McNair18 September 182015 November 1824Democratic-Republican
2Frederick Bates15 November 18244 August 1825Democratic-Republican
3Abraham J. Williams4 August 182520 January 1826Democratic-Republican
4John Miller20 January 182619 November 1832Democratic
5Daniel Dunklin19 November 183230 September 1836Democratic
6Lilburn W. Boggs30 September 183616 November 1840Democratic
7Thomas Reynolds16 November 18409 February 1844Democratic
8Meredith Miles Marmaduke9 February 184420 November 1844Democratic
9John C. Edwards20 November 184420 November 1848Democratic
10Austin Augustus King20 November 18483 January 1853Democratic
11Sterling Price3 January 18535 January 1857Democratic
12Trusten Polk5 January 185727 February 1857Democratic
13Hancock Lee Jackson27 February 185722 October 1857Democratic
14Robert Marcellus Stewart22 October 18573 January 1861Democratic
15Claiborne Fox Jackson3 January 186123 July 1861Democratic
16Hamilton Rowan Gamble31 July 186131 January 1864Republican
17Willard Preble Hall31 January 18642 January 1865Republican
18Thomas Clement Fletcher2 January 186512 January 1869Republican
19Joseph W. McClurg12 January 18694 January 1871Republican
20B. Gratz Brown4 January 18713 January 1873Liberal Republican
21Silas Woodson3 January 187312 January 1875Democratic
22Charles Henry Hardin12 January 18758 January 1877Democratic
23John Smith Phelps8 January 187710 January 1881Democratic
24Thomas Theodore Crittenden10 January 188112 January 1885Democratic
25John S. Marmaduke12 January 188528 December 1887Democratic
26Albert P. Morehouse28 December 188714 January 1889Democratic
27David R. Francis14 January 18899 January 1893Democratic
28William Joel Stone9 January 189311 January 1897Democratic
29Lawrence Vest Stephens11 January 189714 January 1901Democratic
30Alexander Monroe Dockery14 January 19019 January 1905Democratic
31Joseph W. Folk9 January 190511 January 1909Democratic
32Herbert S. Hadley9 January 190913 January 1913Republican
33Elliot Woolfolk Major13 January 19138 January 1917Democratic
34Frederick D. Gardner8 January 191710 January 1921Democratic
35Arthur M. Hyde10 January 192112 January 1925Republican
36Samuel Aaron Baker12 January 192514 January 1929Republican
37Henry S. Caulfield14 January 19299 January 1933Republican
38Guy Brasfield Park9 January 193311 January 1937Democratic
39Lloyd C. Stark11 January 193726 February 1941Democratic
40Forrest C. Donnell26 February 19418 January 1945Republican
41Phil M. Donnelly8 January 194510 January 1949Democratic
42Forrest Smith10 January 194912 January 1953Democratic
43Phil M. Donnelly12 January 195314 January 1957Democratic
44James T. Blair, Jr.14 January 19579 January 1961Democratic
45John M. Dalton9 January 196111 January 1965Democratic
46Warren E. Hearnes11 January 19658 January 1973Democratic
47Christopher “Kit” Bond8 January 197310 January 1977Republican
48Joseph P. Teasdale10 January 197712 January 1981Democratic
49Christopher “Kit” Bond12 January 198114 January 1985Republican
50John Ashcroft14 January 198511 January 1993Republican
51Mel Carnahan11 January 199316 October 2000Democratic
52Roger B. Wilson17 October 20008 January 2001Democratic
53Bob Holden8 January 200110 January 2005Democratic
54Matt Blunt10 January 200512 January 2009Republican
55Jay Nixon12 January 20099 January 2017Democratic
56Eric Greitens9 January 2017IncumbentRepublican

Conclusion paragraph: If you are reading this, I hope that you have found the information about all of Missouri’s governors to be both interesting and informative. Perhaps it will encourage some people to look more deeply into what they can do in their own communities. Whatever your thoughts on these past leaders may be, please share this post with others so that we can ensure that future generations know who served as governor for our great state!

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