Montana is a vast and stunning state, which means it has a lot of lands to govern. There are 34 different governors who have served the people of Montana so far. Read on for all things you need to know about Montana’s past governors! The list goes on to include every single governor of Montana from 1864 to the present day!

List of governors of Montana startTerm-endParty
1Joseph Toole8 November 18891 January 1893Democratic
2John E. Rickards2 January 18933 January 1897Republican
3Robert Burns Smith4 January 18977 January 1901Democratic
4Joseph Toole7 January 19011 April 1908Democratic
5Edwin L. Norris1 April 19085 January 1913Democratic
6Sam V. Stewart6 January 19132 January 1921Democratic
7Joseph M. Dixon3 January 19214 January 1925Rep publican
8John E. Erickson4 January 192513 March 1933Democratic
9Frank Henry Cooney13 March 193315 December 1935Democratic
10Elmer Holt15 December 19354 January 1937Democratic
11Roy E. Ayers4 January 19376 January 1941Democratic
12Sam C. Ford6 January 19413 January 1949Rep publican
13John W. Bonner3 January 19495 January 1953Democratic
14J. Hugo Aronson5 January 19532 January 1961Republican
15Donald Grant Nutter2 January 196125 January 1962Republican
16Tim M. Babcock25 January 19626 January 1969Republican
17Forrest H. Anderson6 January 19691 January 1973Democratic
18Thomas Lee Judge1 January 19735 January 1981Democratic
19Ted Schwinden5 January 19812 January 1989Democratic
20Stan Stephens2 January 19894 January 1993Republican
21Marc Racicot4 January 19931 January 2001Republican
22Judy Martz1 January 20013 January 2005Republican
23Brian Schweitzer3 January 20057 January 2013Democratic
24Steve Bullock7 January 2013IncumbentDemocratic

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