The government of Nevada is a representative democracy with three branches. The governor, lieutenant governor, and the state legislature are all elected statewide for four-year terms. Here’s our list of every Governor since 1864!

List of Governors of Nevada startTerm-endParty
 Isaac Roop (provisional)15 December 18592 March 1861Whig
James W. Nye (territorial)2 March 18615 December 1864Republican
1Henry G. Blasdel5 December 18642 January 1871Republican
2Lewis R. Bradley2 January 18716 January 1879Democratic
3John H. Kinkead6 January 18791 January 1883Republican
4Jewett W. Adams1 January 18833 January 1887Democratic
5Charles C. Stevenson3 January 188721 September 1890Republican
6Frank Bell21 September 18905 January 1891Republican
7Roswell K. Colcord5 January 18917 January 1895Republican
8John E. Jones7 January 189510 April 1896Silver
9Reinhold Sadler10 April 18965 January 1903Silver
10John Sparks5 January 190322 May 1908Silver-Democratic
11Denver S. Dickerson22 May 19082 January 1911Silver-Democratic
12Tasker L. Oddie2 January 19114 January 1915Republican
13Emmet D. Boyle4 January 19151 January 1923Democratic
14James G. Scrugham1 January 19233 January 1927Democratic
15Fred B. Balzar3 January 192721 March 1934Republican
16Morley Griswold21 March 19347 January 1935Republican
17Richard Kirman, Sr.7 January 19352 January 1939Democratic
18Edward P. Carville2 January 193924 July 1945Democratic
19Vail M. Pittman24 July 19451 January 1951Democratic
20Charles H. Russell (1903-1989)1 January 19515 January 1959Republican
21Grant Sawyer (1918-1996)5 January 19592 January 1967Democratic
22Paul Laxalt (1922- )2 January 19674 January 1971Republican
23Mike O’Callaghan (1929-2004)4 January 19711 January 1979Democratic
24Robert List (1936- )1 January 19793 January 1983Republican
25Richard Bryan (1937- )3 January 19833 January 1989Democratic
26Bob Miller (1945- )3 January 19894 January 1999Democratic
27Kenny Guinn (1936-2010)4 January 19991 January 2007Republican
28Jim Gibbons (1944- )1 January 20073 January 2011Republican
29Brian Sandoval (1963- )3 January 2011IncumbentRepublican

Conclusion paragraph: I hope you enjoyed reading about the full list of Nevada’s governors. Please share what you learned with others and if there is any information we missed, please let us know in the comments below!

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