Here is the complete list of governors of New Hampshire. The governor, or executive head of state, is the chief magistrate in states having a republican form of government. This article provides you with all you need to know about governors including what they are called in different states as well as which term limits apply to them if any exist at all!
Here is the complete list of governors of New Hampshire

List of governors of New Hampshire startTerm-endParty
1Meshech Weare15 June 17761 June 1785No party
2John Langdon1 June 17857 June 1786No party
3John Sullivan7 June 17864 June 1788Federalist
4John Langdon4 June 178822 January 1789Democratic-Republican
5John Sullivan22 January 17895 June 1790Federalist
6Josiah Bartlett5 June 17905 June 1794Democratic-Republican
7John Taylor Gilman5 June 17946 June 1805Federalist
8John Langdon6 June 18058 June 1809Democratic-Republican
9Jeremiah Smith8 June 18095 June 1810Federalist
10John Langdon5 June 18105 June 1812Democratic-Republican
11William Plumer5 June 18123 June 1813Democratic-Republican
12John Taylor Gilman3 June 18136 June 1816Federalist
13William Plumer6 June 18163 June 1819Democratic-Republican
14Samuel Bell3 June 18195 June 1823Democratic-Republican
15Levi Woodbury5 June 18233 June 1824Democratic-Republican
16David L. Morril3 June 18247 June 1827Democratic-Republican
17Benjamin Pierce7 June 18275 June 1828Democratic-Republican
18John Bell5 June 18284 June 1829National Republican
19Benjamin Pierce4 June 18293 June 1830Democratic
20Matthew Harvey3 June 183028 February 1831Democratic
21Joseph M. Harper28 February 18312 June 1831Democratic
22Samuel Dinsmoor2 June 18315 June 1834Democratic
23William Badger5 June 18342 June 1836Democratic
24Isaac Hill2 June 18365 June 1839Democratic
25John Page5 June 18392 June 1842Democratic
26Henry Hubbard2 June 18426 June 1844Democratic
27John H. Steele6 June 18444 June 1846Democratic
28Anthony Colby4 June 18463 June 1847Whig
29Jared W. Williams3 June 18477 June 1849Democratic
30Samuel Dinsmoor, Jr.7 June 18493 June 1852Democratic
31Noah Martin3 June 18528 June 1854Democratic
32Nathaniel B. Baker8 June 18547 June 1855Democratic
33Ralph Metcalf7 June 18554 June 1857Know Nothing
34William Haile4 June 18572 June 1859Republican
35Ichabod Goodwin2 June 18596 June 1861Republican
36Nathaniel S. Berry6 June 18613 June 1863Republican
37Joseph A. Gilmore3 June 18638 June 1865Republican
38Frederick Smyth8 June 18656 June 1867Republican
39Walter Harriman6 June 18673 June 1869Republican
40Onslow Stearns3 June 18698 June 1871Republican
41James A. Weston8 June 18716 June 1872Democratic
42Ezekiel A. Straw6 June 18723 June 1874Republican
43James A. Weston3 June 187410 June 1875Democratic
44Person C. Cheney10 June 18757 June 1877Republican
45Benjamin F. Prescott7 June 18775 June 1879Republican
46Natt Head5 June 18792 June 1881Republican
47Charles H. Bell2 June 18817 June 1883Republican
48Samuel W. Hale7 June 18834 June 1885Republican
49Moody Currier4 June 18852 June 1887Republican
50Charles H. Sawyer2 June 18876 June 1889Republican
51David H. Goodell6 June 18898 January 1891Republican
52Hiram A. Tuttle8 January 18915 January 1893Republican
53John Butler Smith5 January 18933 January 1895Republican
54Charles A. Busiel3 January 18957 January 1897Republican
55George A. Ramsdell7 January 18975 January 1899Republican
56Frank W. Rollins5 January 18993 January 1901Republican
57Chester B. Jordan3 January 19011 January 1903Republican
58Nahum J. Bachelder1 January 19035 January 1905Republican
59John McLane5 January 19053 January 1907Republican
60Charles M. Floyd3 January 19077 January 1909Republican
61Henry B. Quinby7 January 19095 January 1911Republican
62Robert P. Bass5 January 19112 January 1913Republican
63Samuel D. Felker2 January 19131 January 1915Democratic
64Rolland H. Spaulding1 January 19152 January 1917Republican
65Henry W. Keyes2 January 19176 January 1919Republican
66John H. Bartlett6 January 19196 January 1921Republican
67Albert O. Brown6 January 19214 January 1923Republican
68Fred H. Brown4 January 19231 January 1925Democratic
69John Gilbert Winant1 January 19256 January 1927Republican
70Huntley N. Spaulding6 January 19273 January 1929Republican
71Charles W. Tobey3 January 19291 January 1931Republican
72John Gilbert Winant1 January 19313 January 1935Republican
73Styles Bridges3 January 19357 January 1937Republican
74Francis P. Murphy7 January 19372 January 1941Republican
75Robert O. Blood2 January 19414 January 1945Republican
76Charles M. Dale4 January 19456 January 1949Republican
77Sherman Adams6 January 19491 January 1953Republican
78Hugh Gregg1 January 19536 January 1955Republican
79Lane Dwinell6 January 19551 January 1959Republican
80Wesley Powell1 January 19593 January 1963Republican
81John W. King3 January 19632 January 1969Democratic
82Walter R. Peterson, Jr.2 January 19694 January 1973Republican
83Meldrim Thomson, Jr.4 January 19734 January 1979Republican
84Hugh J. Gallen4 January 197929 December 1982Democratic
85Vesta M. Roy29 December 19826 January 1983Republican
86John H. Sununu6 January 19834 January 1989Republican
87Judd Gregg4 January 19897 January 1993Republican
88Steve Merrill7 January 19939 January 1997Republican
89Jeanne Shaheen9 January 19979 January 2003Democratic
90Craig Benson9 January 20036 January 2005Republican
91John Lynch6 January 20053 January 2013Democratic
92Maggie Hassan3 January 20132 January 2017Democratic
93Chuck Morse3 January 20175 January 2017Republican
94Chris Sununu5 January 2017presentRepublican

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