Here is an up-to-date list of the governors of New Mexico. The Governor of New Mexico serves as the chief executive of the state and is responsible for overseeing its various departments and agencies. While each governor has taken on this role, they have done so with varying degrees of success. To better understand their impact, take a look at our list below!

List of Governors Of New Mexico startTerm-endParty
1William C. McDonald6 January 19121 January 1917Democratic
2Ezequiel C. de Baca1 January 191728 February 1917Democratic
3Washington E. Lindsey28 February 19171 January 1919Republican
4Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo1 January 19191 January 1921Republican
5Merritt C. Mechem1 January 19211 January 1923Republican
6James F. Hinkle1 January 19231 January 1925Democratic
7Arthur T. Hannett1 January 19251 January 1927Democratic
8Richard C. Dillon1 January 19271 January 1931Republican
9Arthur Seligman1 January 193125 September 1933Democratic
10Andrew W. Hockenhull25 September 19331 January 1935Democratic
11Clyde Tingley1 January 19351 January 1939Democratic
12John E. Miles1 January 19391 January 1943Democratic
13John J. Dempsey1 January 19431 January 1947Democratic
14Thomas J. Mabry1 January 19471 January 1951Democratic
15Edwin L. Mechem (1912-2002)1 January 19511 January 1955Republican
16John F. Simms1 January 19551 January 1957Democratic
17Edwin L. Mechem (1912-2002)1 January 19571 January 1959Republican
18John Burroughs1 January 19591 January 1961Democratic
19Edwin L. Mechem (1912-2002)1 January 196130 November 1962Republican
20Tom Bolack (1919-1998)30 November 19621 January 1963Republican
21Jack M. Campbell (1916-1999)1 January 19631 January 1967Democratic
22David Cargo (1929-2013)1 January 19671 January 1971Republican
23Bruce King (1924-2009)1 January 19711 January 1975Democratic
24Jerry Apodaca (1934-)1 January 19751 January 1979Democratic
25Bruce King (1924-2009)1 January 19791 January 1983Democratic
26Toney Anaya (1941- )1 January 19831 January 1987Democratic
27Garrey Carruthers (1939- )1 January 19871 January 1991Republican
28Bruce King (1924-2009)1 January 19911 January 1995Democratic
29Gary Johnson (1953- )1 January 19951 January 2003Republican
30Bill Richardson (1947- )1 January 20031 January 2011Democratic
31Susana Martínez (1959- )1 January 2011IncumbentRepublican

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