When it comes to politics, New York is a state that has been at the forefront of shaping the whole country. For years, this state has had a major impact on our nation’s history and continues to do so today with its extensive list of governors. This post will introduce you to each one of them!

List of governors of Newyork

S.no.GovernorTerm startTerm-endParty
1George Clinton30 July 177730 June 1795Democratic-Republican
2John Jay1 July 179530 June 1801Federalist
1George Clinton1 July 180130 June 1804Democratic-Republican
3Morgan Lewis1 July 180430 June 1807Democratic-Republican
4Daniel D. Tompkins1 July 180724 February 1817Democratic-Republican
5John Tayler (Acting)24 February 181730 June 1817Democratic-Republican
6DeWitt Clinton1 July 181731 December 1822Democratic-Republican
7Joseph C. Yates1 January 182331 December 1824Democratic-Republican
6DeWitt Clinton1 January 182511 February 1828Democratic-Republican
8Nathaniel Pitcher11 February 182831 December 1828Democratic-Republican
9Martin Van Buren1 January 182912 March 1829Democratic
10Enos T. Throop12 March 182931 December 1832Democratic
11William L. Marcy1 January 183331 December 1838Democratic
12William H. Seward1 January 183931 December 1842Whig
13William C. Bouck1 January 184331 December 1844Democratic
14Silas Wright1 January 184531 December 1846Democratic
15John Young1 January 184731 December 1848Whig
16Hamilton Fish1 January 184931 December 1850Whig
17Washington Hunt1 January 185131 December 1852Whig
18Horatio Seymour1 January 185331 December 1854Democratic
19Myron H. Clark1 January 185531 December 1856Whig (fusion)
20John Alsop King1 January 185731 December 1858Republican
21Edwin D. Morgan1 January 185931 December 1862Republican
18Horatio Seymour1 January 186331 December 1864Democratic
22Reuben Fenton1 January 186531 December 1868Union
23John Thompson Hoffman1 January 186931 December 1872Democratic
24John Adams Dix1 January 187331 December 1874Republican
25Samuel J. Tilden1 January 187531 December 1876Democratic
26Lucius Robinson1 January 187731 December 1879Democratic
27Alonzo B. Cornell1 January 188031 December 1882Republican
28Grover Cleveland1 January 18836 January 1885Democratic
29David B. Hill6 January 188531 December 1891Democratic
30Roswell P. Flower1 January 189231 December 1894Democratic
31Levi P. Morton1 January 189531 December 1896Republican
32Frank S. Black1 January 189731 December 1898Republican
33Theodore Roosevelt1 January 189931 December 1900Republican
34Benjamin Barker Odell, Jr.1 January 190131 December 1904Republican
35Frank W. Higgins1 January 190531 December 1906Republican
36Charles Evans Hughes1 January 19076 October 1910Republican
37Horace White6 October 191031 December 1910Republican
38John Alden Dix1 January 191131 December 1912Democratic
39William Sulzer1 January 191317 October 1913Democratic
40Martin H. Glynn17 October 191331 December 1914Democratic
41Charles S. Whitman1 January 191531 December 1918Republican
42Al Smith1 January 191931 December 1920Democratic
43Nathan Lewis Miller1 January 192131 December 1922Republican
42Al Smith1 January 192331 December 1928Democratic
44Franklin D. Roosevelt1 January 192931 December 1932Democratic
45Herbert H. Lehman1 January 19333 December 1942Democratic
46Charles Poletti3 December 194231 December 1942Democratic
47Thomas Dewey1 January 194331 December 1954Republican
48W. Averell Harriman1 January 195531 December 1958Democratic
49Nelson Rockefeller1 January 195918 December 1973Republican
50Malcolm Wilson18 December 197331 December 1974Republican
51Hugh Carey1 January 197531 December 1982Democratic
52Mario Cuomo1 January 198331 December 1994Democratic
53George Pataki1 January 199531 December 2006Republican
54Eliot Spitzer1 January 200717 March 2008Democratic
55David Paterson17 March 200831 December 2010Democratic
56Andrew Cuomo1 January 2011IncumbentDemocratic

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