A list of the governors of Oklahoma. Find out when they served and how long they were in office.
This is a list of the governors of Oklahoma, from statehood to the present day. A full name and term in office are included for each governor who has held that post.

List of governors of Oklahoma

S.no.GovernorTerm startTerm-endParty
1Charles N. Haskell16 November 19079 January 1911Democratic
2Lee Cruce9 January 191111 January 1915Democratic
3R. L. Williams11 January 191513 January 1919Democratic
5James B. A. Robertson13 January 19198 January 1923Democratic
6Jack C. Walton8 January 192319 November 1923Democratic
7Martin E. Trapp19 November 192310 January 1927Democratic
8Henry S. Johnston10 January 192720 March 1929Democratic
9William J. Holloway20 March 19291 January 1931Democratic
10William H. Murray1 January 193114 January 1935Democratic
11Ernest W. Marland14 January 19359 January 1939Democratic
12Leon C. Phillips9 January 193911 January 1943Democratic
13Robert S. Kerr11 January 194313 January 1947Democratic
14Roy J. Turner13 January 19478 January 1951Democratic
15Johnston Murray8 January 195110 January 1955Democratic
16Raymond D. Gary10 January 195512 January 1959Democratic
17J. Howard Edmondson12 January 19596 January 1963Democratic
18George Nigh6 January 196314 January 1963Democratic
19Henry Bellmon14 January 19639 January 1967Republican
20Dewey F. Bartlett9 January 196711 January 1971Republican
21David Hall11 January 197113 January 1975Democratic
22David L. Boren13 January 19758 January 1979Democratic
23George Nigh8 January 197912 January 1987Democratic
24Henry Bellmon12 January 198714 January 1991Republican
25David Walters14 January 19919 January 1995Democratic
26Frank Keating9 January 199513 January 2003Republican
27Brad Henry13 January 200310 January 2011Democratic
28Mary Fallin10 January 2011IncumbentRepublican

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