The state of Pennsylvania has had a number of different governors, some more successful than others. This is an important position and it’s important to know who the current governor is as well as those who came before him or her. Here is a complete list of all 47 governors of Pennsylvania:

List of governors of Pennsylvania startTerm-endPartyPlace
1Thomas Mifflin21 December 179017 December 1799NonePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
2Thomas McKean17 December 179920 December 1808Democratic-RepublicanNew London Township, Pennsylvania
3Simon Snyder20 December 180816 December 1817Democratic-RepublicanLancaster, Pennsylvania
4William Findlay16 December 181719 December 1820Democratic-RepublicanMercersburg, Pennsylvania
5Joseph Hiester19 December 182016 December 1823Democratic-RepublicanBern Township, Pennsylvania
6John Andrew Shulze16 December 182315 December 1829Democratic-RepublicanTulpehocken Township, Pennsylvania
7George Wolf15 December 182915 December 1835Democratic-RepublicanAllen Township, Pennsylvania
8Joseph Ritner15 December 183515 January 1839Anti-MasonicReading, Pennsylvania
9David R. Porter15 January 183921 January 1845DemocraticNorristown, Pennsylvania
10Francis R. Shunk21 January 18459 July 1848DemocraticTrappe, Pennsylvania
11Office vacant9 July 184826 July 1848 
12William F. Johnston26 July 184820 January 1852WhigGreensburg, Pennsylvania
13William Bigler20 January 185216 January 1855DemocraticCumberland County, Pennsylvania
14James Pollock16 January 185519 January 1858WhigMilton, Pennsylvania
15William F. Packer19 January 185815 January 1861DemocraticHoward, Pennsylvania
16Andrew Gregg Curtin15 January 186115 January 1867RepublicanBellefonte, Pennsylvania, U.S.
17John W. Geary15 January 186721 January 1873RepublicanWestmoreland County, Pennsylvania
18John F. Hartranft21 January 187321 January 1879RepublicanNew Hanover Township, Pennsylvania
19Henry M. Hoyt21 January 187916 January 1883RepublicanKingston, Pennsylvania
20Robert E. Pattison16 January 188318 January 1887DemocraticQuantico, Maryland
21James A. Beaver18 January 188720 January 1891RepublicanMillerstown, Perry County
22Robert E. Pattison20 January 189115 January 1895DemocraticQuantico, Maryland
23Daniel H. Hastings15 January 189517 January 1899RepublicanSalona, Clinton County, Pennsylvania
24William A. Stone17 January 189920 January 1903RepublicanWellsboro, Pennsylvania
25Samuel W. Pennypacker20 January 190315 January 1907RepublicanPhoenixville, Pennsylvania
26Edwin Sydney Stuart15 January 190717 January 1911RepublicanPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
27John K. Tener17 January 191119 January 1915RepublicanCounty Tyrone, Ireland
28Martin Grove Brumbaugh19 January 191521 January 1919RepublicanHuntingdon County, Pennsylvania
29William Cameron Sproul21 January 191916 January 1923RepublicanColerain Township, Pennsylvania
30Gifford Pinchot16 January 192318 January 1927RepublicanSimsbury, Connecticut
31John Stuchell Fisher18 January 192720 January 1931RepublicanSouth Mahoning Township, Pennsylvania
32Gifford Pinchot20 January 193115 January 1935RepublicanSimsbury, Connecticut
33George Howard Earle III15 January 193517 January 1939DemocraticDevon, Pennsylvania
34Arthur James17 January 193919 January 1943RepublicanPlymouth, Pennsylvania
35Edward Martin19 January 19432 January 1947RepublicanTen Mile, Pennsylvania
36John C. Bell, Jr.2 January 194721 January 1947RepublicanPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
37James H. Duff21 January 194716 January 1951RepublicanCarnegie, Pennsylvania
38John S. Fine16 January 195118 January 1955RepublicanNewport Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, US
39George M. Leader18 January 195520 January 1959DemocraticYork, Pennsylvania, US
40David L. Lawrence20 January 195915 January 1963DemocraticPittsburgh, Pennsylvania,US
41William Scranton15 January 196317 January 1967RepublicanMadison, Connecticut, U.S.
42Raymond P. Shafer17 January 196719 January 1971RepublicanNew Castle, Pennsylvania
43Milton Shapp19 January 197116 January 1979DemocraticCleveland, Ohio
44Dick Thornburgh16 January 197920 January 1987RepublicanPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
45Robert P. Casey20 January 198717 January 1995DemocraticJackson Heights, Queens, New York
46Tom Ridge17 January 19955 October 2001RepublicanMunhall, Pennsylvania, U.S.
47Mark S. Schweiker5 October 200121 January 2003RepublicanLevittown, Pennsylvania
48Ed Rendell21 January 200318 January 2011DemocraticNew York City, New York, U.S.
46Tom Corbett18 January 2011IncumbentRepublicanPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
47Tom Wolf20 January 2015Governor-electDemocraticYork, Pennsylvania, U.S.

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