The complete list of governors of Rhode Island is a simple and helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn about the history of this state. Some famous names on the list include Lincoln Chafee, Gina Raimondo, and Charles J. Fogarty. This post provides a full list along with basic information about each governor that will help you get started in your research or provide interesting facts for trivia night!

Rhode Island State Governors list startTerm-endParty
1Nicholas Cooke7 November 17754 May 1778None
2William Greene4 May 17783 May 1786None
3John Collins3 May 17865 May 1790None
4Arthur Fenner5 May 179015 October 1805Country Party
5Henry Smith15 October 18057 May 1806Country
6Isaac Wilbour7 May 18066 May 1807Country
7James Fenner6 May 18071 May 1811Democratic-Republican
8William Jones1 May 18117 May 1817Federalist
9Nehemiah R. Knight7 May 18172 May 1821Democratic-Republican
10William C. Gibbs2 May 18215 May 1824Democratic-Republican
11James Fenner5 May 18244 May 1831Democratic-Republican
12Lemuel H. Arnold4 May 18311 May 1833Whig
13John B. Francis1 May 18332 May 1838Democratic
14William Sprague III2 May 18382 May 1839Democratic
15Samuel Ward King2 May 18392 May 1843Rhode Island Party
16Thomas Dorr1 May 184223 January 1843extralegal, Dorr Rebellion
17James Fenner2 May 18436 May 1845Law and Order
18Charles Jackson6 May 18456 May 1846Know Nothing
19Byron Diman6 May 18464 May 1847Law and Order
20Elisha Harris4 May 18471 May 1849Whig
21Henry B. Anthony1 May 18496 May 1851Whig
22Philip Allen6 May 185120 July 1853Democratic
23Francis M. Dimond20 July 18532 May 1854Democratic
24William W. Hoppin2 May 185426 May 1857Whig
25Elisha Dyer26 May 185731 May 1859Republican
26Thomas G. Turner31 May 185929 May 1860Republican
27William Sprague IV29 May 18603 March 1863Republican
28William C. Cozzens3 March 186326 May 1863Democratic
29James Y. Smith26 May 186329 May 1866Republican
30Ambrose Everett Burnside29 May 186625 May 1869Republican
31Seth Padelford25 May 186927 May 1873Republican
32Henry Howard27 May 187325 May 1875Republican
33Henry Lippitt25 May 187529 May 1877Republican
34Charles C. Van Zandt29 May 187725 May 1880Republican
35Alfred H. Littlefield25 May 188029 May 1883Republican
36Augustus O. Bourn29 May 188326 May 1885Republican
37George P. Wetmore26 May 188529 May 1887Republican
38John W. Davis29 May 188729 May 1888Democratic
39Royal C. Taft29 May 188828 May 1889Republican
40Herbert W. Ladd28 May 188927 May 1890Republican
41John W. Davis27 May 189026 May 1891Democratic
42Herbert W. Ladd26 May 189131 May 1892Republican
43D. Russell Brown31 May 189229 May 1895Republican
44Charles W. Lippitt29 May 189525 May 1897Republican
45Elisha Dyer, Jr.25 May 189729 May 1900Republican
46William Gregory29 May 190016 December 1901Republican
47Charles D. Kimball16 December 19013 January 1903Republican
48Lucius F. C. Garvin3 January 19033 January 1905Democratic
49George H. Utter3 January 19051 January 1907Republican
50James H. Higgins1 January 19075 January 1909Democratic
51Aram J. Pothier5 January 19095 January 1915Republican
52R. Livingston Beeckman5 January 19154 January 1921Republican
53Emery J. San Souci4 January 19212 January 1923Republican
54William S. Flynn2 January 19236 January 1925Democratic
55Aram J. Pothier6 January 19254 February 1928Republican
56Norman S. Case4 February 19283 January 1933Republican
57Theodore Francis Green3 January 19335 January 1937Democratic
58Robert E. Quinn5 January 19373 January 1939Democratic
59William Henry Vanderbilt III3 January 19397 January 1941Republican
60J. Howard McGrath7 January 19416 October 1945Democratic
61John Orlando Pastore6 October 194519 December 1950Democratic
62John S. McKiernan19 December 19502 January 1951Democratic
63Dennis J. Roberts2 January 19516 January 1959Democratic
64Christopher Del Sesto6 January 19593 January 1961Republican
65John A. Notte, Jr.3 January 19611 January 1963Democratic
66John Hubbard Chafee1 January 19637 January 1969Republican
67Frank Licht7 January 19692 January 1973Democratic
68Philip W. Noel2 January 19734 January 1977Democratic
69J. Joseph Garrahy (1930-2012)4 January 19771 January 1985Democratic
70Edward D. DiPrete (1934- )1 January 19851 January 1991Republican
71Bruce Sundlun (1920-2011)1 January 19913 January 1995Democratic
72Lincoln C. Almond (1936- )3 January 19957 January 2003Republican
73Donald Carcieri (1942- )7 January 20034 January 2011Republican
74Lincoln Chafee (1953- )4 January 20116 January 2015Independent/Democratic
75Gina Raimondo (1971- )6 January 2015IncumbentDemocratic

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