Here is the Complete List of governors of South Carolina state and their period.

List of governors of South Carolina startTerm-endParty
1William Haselden Ellerbe18 January 18972 June 1899Democratic
2Miles Benjamin McSweeney2 June 189920 January 1903Democratic
3Duncan Clinch Heyward20 January 190315 January 1907Democratic
4Martin Frederick Ansel15 January 190717 January 1911Democratic
5Coleman Livingston Please17 January 191114 January 1915Democratic
6Charles Aurelius Smith14 January 191519 January 1915Democratic
7Richard Irvine Manning III19 January 191521 January 1919Democratic
8Robert Archer Cooper21 January 191920 May 1922Democratic
9Wilson Godfrey Harvey20 May 192216 January 1923Democratic
10Thomas Gordon McLeod16 January 192318 January 1927Democratic
11John Gardiner Richards, Jr.18 January 192720 January 1931Democratic
12Ibra Charles Blackwood20 January 193115 January 1935Democratic
13Olin D. Johnston15 January 193517 January 1939Democratic
14Burnet R. Maybank17 January 19394 November 1941Democratic
15Joseph Emile Harley4 November 194127 February 1942Democratic
16Richard Manning Jefferies27 February 194219 January 1943Democratic
17Olin D. Johnston19 January 19432 January 1945Democratic
18Ransome Judson Williams2 January 194521 January 1947Democratic
19Strom Thurmond21 January 194716 January 1951Democratic
20James Francis Byrnes16 January 195118 January 1955Democratic
21George Bell Timmerman, Jr.18 January 195520 January 1959Democratic
22Ernest “Fritz” Hollings20 January 195915 January 1963Democratic
23Donald Stuart Russell15 January 196322 April 1965Democratic
24Robert Evander McNair22 April 196519 January 1971Democratic
25John C. West19 January 197121 January 1975Democratic
26James Burrows Edwards21 January 197510 January 1979Republican
27Richard Wilson Riley10 January 197914 January 1987Democratic
28Carroll A. Campbell, Jr.14 January 198711 January 1995Republican
29David Muldrow Beasley11 January 199513 January 1999Republican
30James Hovis Hodges13 January 199915 January 2003Democratic
31Mark Sanford15 January 200312 January 2011Republican
32Nikki Haley12 January 201124 January 2017Republican
33Henry McMaster24 January 2017IncumbentRepublican

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