In the United States, each state is governed by a Governor. The following list provides information on the current governors of South Dakota.

List of governors of South Dokota startTerm-endParty
1Arthur C. Mellette22 March 18893 January 1893Republican
2Charles H. Sheldon3 January 18931 January 1897Republican
3Andrew E. Lee1 January 18978 January 1901Populist
4Charles N. Herreid8 January 19013 January 1905Republican
5Samuel H. Elrod3 January 19058 January 1907Republican
6Coe I. Crawford8 January 19075 January 1909Republican
7Robert S. Vessey5 January 19097 January 1913Republican
8Frank M. Byrne7 January 19132 January 1917Republican
9Peter Norbeck2 January 19174 January 1921Republican
10William H. McMaster4 January 19216 January 1925Republican
11Carl Gunderson6 January 19254 January 1927Republican
12William J. Bulow4 January 19276 January 1931Democratic
13Warren Green6 January 19313 January 1933Republican
14Tom Berry3 January 19335 January 1937Democratic
15Leslie Jensen5 January 19373 January 1939Republican
16Harlan J. Bushfield3 January 19395 January 1943Republican
17Merrill Q. Sharpe5 January 19437 January 1947Republican
18George T. Mickelson7 January 19472 January 1951Republican
19Sigurd Anderson2 January 19514 January 1955Republican
20Joe Foss4 January 19556 January 1959Republican
21Ralph Herseth6 January 19593 January 1961Democratic
22Archie M. Gubbrud3 January 19615 January 1965Republican
23Nils Boe5 January 19657 January 1969Republican
24Frank Farrar7 January 19695 January 1971Republican
25Richard F. Kneip5 January 197124 July 1978Democratic
26Harvey L. Wollman24 July 19781 January 1979Democratic
27William J. Janklow1 January 19796 January 1987Republican
28George S. Mickelson6 January 198719 April 1993Republican
29Walter Dale Miller19 April 19937 January 1995Republican
30William J. Janklow7 January 19957 January 2003Republican
31M. Michael Rounds7 January 20038 January 2011Republican
32Dennis Daugaard8 January 201115 December 2016Republican
33Doug Burgum15 December 2016IncumbentRepublican

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