I think that it’s important to know who is in charge of our state because these people will make decisions that affect us all. I find this list of the governors in Texas very interesting and want to share it with you!

List of Governors of Texas

S.no.GovernorTerm startTerm-endParty
1James Pinckney Henderson19 February 184621 December 1847Democratic
2George T. Wood21 December 184721 December 1849Democratic
3Peter Hansborough Bell21 December 184923 November 1853Democratic
4James W. Henderson23 November 185321 December 1853Democratic
5Elisha M. Pease21 December 185321 December 1857Unionist
6Hardin R. Runnels21 December 185721 December 1859Democratic
7Sam Houston21 December 185918 March 1861Independent
8Edward Clark18 March 18617 November 1861Democratic
9Francis R. Lubbock7 November 18615 November 1863Democratic
10Pendleton Murrah5 November 186317 June 1865Democratic
11Fletcher Summerfield Stockdale11 June 186516 June 1865Military
12Andrew J. Hamilton17 June 18659 August 1866Democratic-Military
13James W. Throckmorton9 August 18668 August 1867Democratic
14Elisha M. Pease8 June 186730 September 1869Republican
15Edmund J. Davis8 January 187015 January 1874Republican
16Richard Coke15 January 187421 December 1876Democratic
17Richard B. Hubbard21 December 187621 January 1879Democratic
18Oran M. Roberts21 January 187916 January 1883Democratic
19John Ireland16 January 188320 January 1887Democratic
20Lawrence Sullivan Ross18 January 188720 January 1891Democratic
21James Stephen Hogg20 January 189115 January 1895Democratic
22Charles A. Culberson15 January 189517 January 1899Democratic
23Joseph D. Sayers17 January 189920 January 1903Democratic
24S. W. T. Lanham20 January 190315 January 1907Democratic
25Thomas Mitchell Campbell15 January 190717 January 1911Democratic
26Oscar Branch Colquitt17 January 191119 January 1915Democratic
27James E. “Pa” Ferguson19 January 191525 August 1917Democratic
28William P. Hobby25 August 191718 January 1921Democratic
29Pat Morris Neff18 January 192120 January 1925Democratic
30Miriam A. “Ma” Ferguson20 January 192517 January 1927Democratic
31Dan Moody17 January 192720 January 1931Democratic
32Ross S. Sterling20 January 193117 January 1933Democratic
33Miriam A. “Ma” Ferguson17 January 193315 January 1935Democratic
34James V. Allred15 January 193517 January 1939Democratic
35W. Lee O’Daniel17 January 19394 August 1941Democratic
36Coke R. Stevenson4 August 194121 January 1947Democratic
37Beauford H. Jester21 January 194711 July 1949Democratic
38Allan Shivers11 July 194915 January 1957Democratic
39Price Daniel15 January 195715 January 1963Democratic
40John Connally15 January 196321 January 1969Democratic
41Preston Smith21 January 196916 January 1973Democratic
42Dolph Briscoe16 January 197316 January 1979Democratic
43Bill Clements16 January 197918 January 1983Republican
44Mark White18 January 198320 January 1987Democratic
45Bill Clements20 January 198715 January 1991Republican
46Ann Richards15 January 199117 January 1995Democratic
47George W. Bush17 January 199521 December 2000Republican
48Rick Perry21 December 200020 January 2015Republican
49Greg Abbott20 January 2015IncumbentRepublican

I hope you got all the information about the complete governor list of Texas. All these governors are important to know and it is worth knowing them for our knowledge’s sake. Thank You!

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