There are a total of 17 Governors of Utah, and they have been in office since 1896. In this blog post, we will go over the complete list of governors of Utah. We also talk about what they have done while being in office as well as their current position.

List of Governors of Utah startTerm-endParty
1Heber Manning Wells6 January 18962 January 1905Republican
2John Christopher Cutler2 January 19054 January 1909Republican
3William Spry4 January 19091 January 1917Republican
4Simon Bamberger1 January 19173 January 1921Democratic
5Charles R. Mabey3 January 19215 January 1925Republican
6George Dern5 January 19252 January 1933Democratic
7Henry H. Blood2 January 19336 January 1941Democratic
8Herbert B. Maw6 January 19413 January 1949Democratic
9J. Bracken Lee3 January 19497 January 1957Republican
10George Dewey Clyde7 January 19574 January 1965Republican
11Calvin L. Rampton4 January 19653 January 1977Democratic
12Scott M. Matheson3 January 19777 January 1985Democratic
13Norman H. Bangerter7 January 19854 January 1993Republican
14Mike Leavitt4 January 19935 November 2003Republican
15Olene S. Walker5 November 20033 January 2005Republican
16Jon Huntsman, Jr.3 January 200511 August 2009Republican
17Gary Herbert11 August 2009IncumbentRepublican

If you’re a resident of Utah, I hope this list gave you an idea about which governor to vote for. And if not—well, at least now you know what the candidates are talking about! Remember that it is your right and responsibility as a citizen to make informed decisions on who will represent your needs in the office.

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