The complete list of Vermont governors is long and includes many influential people. This blog post will cover 82 different Vermont Governors that you might not know about.

List of governors of Vermont startTerm-endParty
1Thomas Chittenden4 March 179125 August 1797No party affiliation
2Paul Brigham25 August 179716 October 1797Democratic-Republican
3Isaac Tichenor16 October 17979 October 1807Federalist
4Israel Smith9 October 180714 October 1808Democratic-Republican
5Isaac Tichenor14 October 180814 October 1809Federalist
6Jonas Galusha14 October 180923 October 1813Democratic-Republican
7Martin Chittenden23 October 181314 October 1815Federalist
8Jonas Galusha14 October 181523 October 1820Democratic-Republican
9Richard Skinner23 October 182010 October 1823Democratic-Republican
10Cornelius P. Van Ness10 October 182313 October 1826Democratic-Republican
11Ezra Butler13 October 182610 October 1828National Republican
12Samuel C. Crafts10 October 182818 October 1831National Republican
13William A. Palmer18 October 18312 November 1835Anti-Masonic
14Silas H. Jennison2 November 183515 October 1841Whig
15Charles Paine15 October 184113 October 1843Whig
16John Mattocks13 October 184311 October 1844Whig
17William Slade11 October 18449 October 1846Whig
18Horace Eaton9 October 1846October 1848Whig
19Carlos CoolidgeOctober 184811 October 1850Whig
20Charles K. Williams11 October 1850October 1852Whig
21Erastus FairbanksOctober 1852October 1853Whig
22John S. RobinsonOctober 185313 October 1854Democratic
23Stephen Royce13 October 185410 October 1856Whig (1st term) / Republican (2nd term)
24Ryland Fletcher10 October 185610 October 1858Republican
25Hiland Hall10 October 185812 October 1860Republican
26Erastus Fairbanks12 October 186011 October 1861Republican
27Frederick Holbrook11 October 18619 October 1863Republican
28J. Gregory Smith9 October 186313 October 1865Republican
29Paul Dillingham13 October 186513 October 1867Republican
30John B. Page13 October 186715 October 1869Republican
31Peter T. Washburn15 October 18697 February 1870Republican
32George W. Hendee7 February 18706 October 1870Republican
33John W. Stewart6 October 18703 October 1872Republican
34Julius Converse3 October 18728 October 1874Republican
35Asahel Peck8 October 18745 October 1876Republican
36Horace Fairbanks5 October 18763 October 1878Republican
37Redfield Proctor3 October 18787 October 1880Republican
38Roswell Farnham7 October 18805 October 1882Republican
39John L. Barstow5 October 18822 October 1884Republican
40Samuel E. Pingree2 October 18847 October 1886Republican
41Ebenezer J. Ormsbee7 October 18864 October 1888Republican
42William P. Dillingham4 October 18882 October 1890Republican
43Carroll S. Page2 October 18906 October 1892Republican
44Levi K. Fuller6 October 18924 October 1894Republican
45Urban A. Woodbury4 October 18948 October 1896Republican
46Josiah Grout8 October 18966 October 1898Republican
47Edward C. Smith6 October 18984 October 1900Republican
48William W. Stickney4 October 19003 October 1902Republican
49John G. McCullough3 October 19026 October 1904Republican
50Charles J. Bell6 October 19044 October 1906Republican
51Fletcher D. Proctor4 October 19068 October 1908Republican
52George H. Prouty8 October 19085 October 1910Republican
53John A. Mead5 October 19103 October 1912Republican
54Allen M. Fletcher3 October 19127 January 1915Republican
55Charles W. Gates7 January 19154 January 1917Republican
56Horace F. Graham4 January 19179 January 1919Republican
57Percival W. Clement9 January 19196 January 1921Republican
58James Hartness6 January 19214 January 1923Republican
59Redfield Proctor, Jr.4 January 19238 January 1925Republican
60Franklin S. Billings8 January 19256 January 1927Republican
61John E. Weeks6 January 19278 January 1931Republican
62Stanley C. Wilson8 January 193110 January 1935Republican
63Charles M. Smith10 January 19357 January 1937Republican
64George David Aiken7 January 19379 January 1941Republican
65William H. Wills9 January 19414 January 1945Republican
66Mortimer R. Proctor4 January 19459 January 1947Republican
67Ernest W. Gibson, Jr.9 January 194716 January 1950Republican
68Harold J. Arthur16 January 19504 January 1951Republican
69Lee E. Emerson4 January 19516 January 1955Republican
70Joseph B. Johnson6 January 19558 January 1959Republican
71Robert T. Stafford8 January 19595 January 1961Republican
72F. Ray Keyser, Jr.5 January 196110 January 1963Republican
73Philip H. Hoff10 January 19639 January 1969Democratic
74Deane C. Davis9 January 19694 January 1973Republican
75Thomas P. Salmon4 January 19736 January 1977Democratic
76Richard A. Snelling6 January 197710 January 1985Republican
77Madeleine M. Kunin10 January 198510 January 1991Democratic
78Richard A. Snelling10 January 199113 August 1991Republican
79Howard Dean13 August 19919 January 2003Democratic
80Jim Douglas9 January 20036 January 2011Republican
81Peter Shumlin6 January 20115 January 2017Democratic
82Phil Scott5 January 2017IncumbentRepublican

I hope you get all the information about the complete governor list of Vermont. If not, please contact me and let me know what was missing or unclear so that we can fix it together!

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