The state of Virginia has had a long history with governing. They have had many governors throughout the time period. The following is a list of all the people who have been governor in Virginia over the course of their history, starting from 1777 to the present day. This includes not only those that were elected but also those that served as interim or acted as governor for periods before an election could be held.

List of Governors of Virginia startTerm-endParty
1Patrick Henry5 July 17761 June 1779No party
2Thomas Jefferson1 June 17793 June 1781No party
3William Fleming3 June 178112 June 1781No party
4Thomas Nelson, Jr.12 June 178122 November 1781No party
5David Jameson22 November 17811 December 1781No party
6Benjamin Harrison V1 December 17811 December 1784No party
7Patrick Henry1 December 17841 December 1786No party
8Edmund Randolph1 December 17861 December 1788No party
9Beverley Randolph1 December 17881 December 1791No party
10Henry Lee III1 December 17911 December 1794Federalist
11Robert Brooke1 December 17941 December 1796Democratic-Republican
12James Wood1 December 17961 December 1799Federalist
13Hardin Burnley7 December 179911 December 1799 
14John Pendleton, Jr.11 December 179919 December 1799 
15James Monroe19 December 17991 December 1802Democratic-Republican
16John Page1 December 18027 December 1805Democratic-Republican
17William H. Cabell7 December 18051 December 1808Democratic-Republican
18John Tyler, Sr.1 December 180815 January 1811Democratic-Republican
19George William Smith15 January 181119 January 1811Democratic-Republican
20James Monroe19 January 18113 April 1811Democratic-Republican
21George William Smith3 April 181126 December 1811Democratic-Republican
22Peyton Randolph27 December 18113 January 1812Democratic-Republican
23James Barbour3 January 18121 December 1814Democratic-Republican
24Wilson Cary Nicholas1 December 18141 December 1816Democratic-Republican
25James Patton Preston1 December 18161 December 1819Democratic-Republican
26Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr.1 December 18191 December 1822Democratic-Republican
27James Pleasants1 December 182210 December 1825Democratic-Republican
28John Tyler10 December 18254 March 1827Democratic-Republican
29William Branch Giles4 March 18274 March 1830Democratic
30John Floyd4 March 183031 March 1834Democratic
31Littleton Waller Tazewell31 March 183430 April 1836Whig
32Wyndham Robertson30 April 183631 March 1837Whig
33David Campbell31 March 183731 March 1840Democratic
34Thomas Walker Gilmer31 March 184020 March 1841Whig
35John M. Patton20 March 184131 March 1841Whig
36John Rutherfoord31 March 184131 March 1842Democratic
37John Munford Gregory31 March 18421 January 1843Whig
38James McDowell1 January 18431 January 1846Democratic
39William Smith1 January 18461 January 1849Democratic
40John B. Floyd1 January 184916 January 1852Democratic
41Joseph Johnson16 January 18521 January 1856Democratic
42Henry A. Wise1 January 18561 January 1860Democratic
43John Letcher1 January 18601 January 1864Democratic
44William Smith1 January 18649 May 1865Democratic
45Francis Harrison Pierpont9 May 18654 April 1868Republican
46Henry H. Wells4 April 186821 September 1869Republican
47Gilbert Carlton Walker21 September 18691 January 1874Democratic
48James L. Kemper1 January 18741 January 1878Democratic
49Frederick W. M. Holliday1 January 18781 January 1882Democratic
50William E. Cameron1 January 18821 January 1886Re-adjuster
51Fitzhugh Lee1 January 18861 January 1890Democratic
52Philip W. McKinney1 January 18901 January 1894Democratic
53Charles Triplett O’Ferrall1 January 18941 January 1898Democratic
54James Hoge Tyler1 January 18981 January 1902Democratic
55Andrew Jackson Montague1 January 19021 February 1906Democratic
56Claude A. Swanson1 February 190610 February 1910Democratic
57William Hodges Mann10 February 19101 February 1914Democratic
58Henry Carter Stuart1 February 19141 February 1918Democratic
59Westmoreland Davis1 February 19181 February 1922Democratic
60Elbert Lee Trinkle1 February 19221 February 1926Democratic
61Harry F. Byrd1 February 192615 January 1930Democratic
62John Garland Pollard15 January 193017 January 1934Democratic
63George C. Peery17 January 193415 January 1938Democratic
64James H. Price15 January 193821 January 1942Democratic
65Colgate Darden21 January 194216 January 1946Democratic
66William M. Tuck16 January 194618 January 1950Democratic
67John S. Battle18 January 195020 January 1954Democratic
68Thomas Bahnson Stanley20 January 195411 January 1958Democratic
69James Lindsay Almond, Jr.11 January 195813 January 1962Democratic
70Albertis S. Harrison, Jr.13 January 196215 January 1966Democratic
71Mills E. Godwin, Jr.15 January 196617 January 1970Democratic
72A. Linwood Holton, Jr.17 January 197012 January 1974Republican
73Mills E. Godwin, Jr.12 January 197414 January 1978Republican
74John N. Dalton14 January 197816 January 1982Republican
75Chuck Robb16 January 198218 January 1986Democratic
76Gerald L. Baliles18 January 198613 January 1990Democratic
77Douglas Wilder13 January 199015 January 1994Democratic
78George Allen15 January 199417 January 1998Republican
79Jim Gilmore17 January 199812 January 2002Republican
80Mark Warner12 January 200214 January 2006Democratic
81Tim Kaine14 January 200616 January 2010Democratic
82Bob McDonnell16 January 201011 January 2014Republican
83Terry McAuliffe11 January 2014IncumbentDemocratic

Virginia is a great place to live and work. They have the best education, transportation system, healthcare opportunities, and natural beauty in America. I hope you’ve found this list of all our state governors enlightening. And if you’re looking for more information about any one of them or want someone to show you around Richmond when your visit next time, just give me a call!

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