In the United States, there are two types of governors: a state governor and a territorial governor. The states have been divided into 50 different states while each territory has only one. This list is about Washington state respective governors in order from the most recent to the oldest serving position held by that person.

List of Governors of Washington startTerm-endParty
1Elisha Peyre Ferry11 November 18899 January 1893Republican
2John McGraw9 January 189311 January 1897Republican
3John Rogers11 January 189726 December 1901Populist Democratic
4Henry McBride26 December 19019 January 1905Republican
5Albert E. Mead9 January 190527 January 1909Republican
6Samuel G. Cosgrove27 January 190928 March 1909Republican
7Marion E. Hay28 March 190911 January 1913Republican
8Ernest Lister11 January 191313 February 1919Democratic
9Louis Folwell Hart13 February 191912 January 1925Republican
10Roland H. Hartley12 January 19259 January 1933Republican
11Clarence D. Martin9 January 193313 January 1941Democratic
12Arthur B. Langlie13 January 19418 January 1945Republican
13Monrad C. Wallgren8 January 194512 January 1949Democratic
14Arthur B. Langlie12 January 194914 January 1957Republican
15Albert Rosellini14 January 195711 January 1965Democratic
16Daniel J. Evans11 January 196512 January 1977Republican
17Dixie Lee Ray12 January 197714 January 1981Democratic
18John Spellman14 January 198116 January 1985Republican
19Booth Gardner16 January 198513 January 1993Democratic
20Mike Lowry13 January 199315 January 1997Democratic
21Gary Locke15 January 199712 January 2005Democratic
22Christine Gregoire12 January 200516 January 2013Democratic
23Jay Inslee16 January 2013IncumbentDemocratic

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