The list of governors is a complete list of all the governors who have served the state of West Virginia. The first governor was Arthur Boreman, and the current one is Jim Justice. This article will go over every single name on the list. It’s important to know about these things when you are trying to learn more about West Virginia’s history or government!

List of governors of West Virginia startTerm-endParty
1Arthur I. Boreman20 June 186326 February 1869Republican
2Daniel D. T. Farnsworth26 February 18694 March 1869Republican
3William E. Stevenson4 March 18694 March 1871Republican
4John J. Jacob4 March 18714 March 1877Democratic Independent
5Henry M. Mathews4 March 18774 March 1881Democratic
6Jacob B. Jackson4 March 18814 March 1885Democratic
7Emanuel Willis Wilson4 March 18856 February 1890Democratic
8Aretas B. Fleming6 February 18904 March 1893Democratic
9William A. MacCorkle4 March 18934 March 1897Democratic
10George W. Atkinson4 March 18974 March 1901Republican
11Albert B. White4 March 19014 March 1905Republican
12William M. O. Dawson4 March 19054 March 1909Republican
13William E. Glasscock4 March 190914 March 1913Republican
14Henry D. Hatfield14 March 19135 March 1917Republican
15John J. Cornwell5 March 19174 March 1921Democratic
16Ephraim F. Morgan4 March 19214 March 1925Republican
17Howard M. Gore4 March 19254 March 1929Republican
18William G. Conley4 March 19294 March 1933Republican
19Herman G. Kump4 March 193318 January 1937Democratic
20Homer A. Holt18 January 193713 January 1941Democratic
21Matthew M. Neely13 January 194115 January 1945Democratic
22Clarence W. Meadows15 January 194517 January 1949Democratic
23Okey L. Patteson17 January 194919 January 1953Democratic
24William C. Marland19 January 195314 January 1957Democratic
25Cecil H. Underwood14 January 195716 January 1961Republican
26William Wallace Barron16 January 196118 January 1965Democratic
27Hulett C. Smith18 January 196513 January 1969Democratic
28Arch A. Moore, Jr.13 January 196917 January 1977Republican
29Jay Rockefeller17 January 197714 January 1985Democratic
30Arch A. Moore, Jr.14 January 198516 January 1989Republican
31Gaston Caperton16 January 198913 January 1997Democratic
32Cecil H. Underwood13 January 199715 January 2001Republican
33Bob Wise15 January 200117 January 2005Democratic
34Joe Manchin17 January 200515 November 2010Democratic
35Earl Ray Tomblin15 November 201016 January 2017Democratic
35Jim Justice16 January 2017IncumbentDemocratic

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