The Governor of Wisconsin is the chief executive of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The governor is not limited to a term and can be re-elected indefinitely once elected. There have been 40+ governors of the state, with Scott Walker currently serving as governor since 2011.

List of Governors of Wisconsin startTerm-endParty
1Nelson Dewey7 June 18485 January 1852Democratic
2Leonard J. Farwell5 January 18522 January 1854Whig
3William A. Barstow2 January 185421 March 1856Democratic
4Arthur MacArthur, Sr.21 March 185625 March 1856Democratic
5Coles Bashford25 March 18564 January 1858Republican
6Alexander W. Randall4 January 18586 January 1862Republican
7Louis P. Harvey6 January 186219 April 1862Republican
8Edward Salomon19 April 18624 January 1864Republican
9James T. Lewis4 January 18641 January 1866Republican
10Lucius Fairchild1 January 18661 January 1872Republican
11Cadwallader C. Washburn1 January 18725 January 1874Republican
12William Robert Taylor5 January 18743 January 1876Democratic
13Harrison Ludington3 January 18767 January 1878Republican
14William E. Smith7 January 18782 January 1882Republican
15Jeremiah McLain Rusk2 January 18827 January 1889Republican
16William D. Hoard7 January 18895 January 1891Republican
17George W. Peck5 January 18917 January 1895Democratic
18William H. Upham7 January 18954 January 1897Republican
19Edward Scofield4 January 18977 January 1901Republican
20Robert M. La Follette, Sr.7 January 19011 January 1906Republican
21James O. Davidson1 January 19062 January 1911Republican
22Francis E. McGovern2 January 19114 January 1915Republican
23Emanuel L. Philipp4 January 19153 January 1921Republican
24John J. Blaine3 January 19213 January 1927Republican
25Fred R. Zimmerman3 January 19277 January 1929Republican
26Walter J. Kohler, Sr.7 January 19295 January 1931Republican
27Philip La Follette5 January 19312 January 1933Republican
28Albert G. Schmedeman2 January 19337 January 1935Democratic
29Philip La Follette7 January 19352 January 1939WisconsinProgressive
30Julius P. Heil2 January 19394 January 1943Republican
Orland S. Loomisdid not take office Wisconsin Progressive
31Walter S. Goodland4 January 194312 March 1947Republican
32Oscar Rennebohm12 March 19471 January 1951Republican
33Walter J. Kohler, Jr.1 January 19517 January 1957Republican
34Vernon W. Thomson7 January 19575 January 1959Republican
35Gaylord A. Nelson5 January 19597 January 1963Democratic
36John W. Reynolds, Jr.7 January 19634 January 1965Democratic
37Warren P. Knowles4 January 19654 January 1971Republican
38Patrick J. Lucey4 January 19716 July 1977Democratic
39Martin J. Schreiber6 July 19773 January 1979Democratic
40Lee S. Dreyfus3 January 19793 January 1983Republican
41Anthony S. Earl3 January 19835 January 1987Democratic
42Tommy Thompson5 January 19871 February 2001Republican
43Scott McCallum1 February 20016 January 2003Republican
44Jim Doyle6 January 20033 January 2011Democratic
45Scott Walker3 January 2011IncumbentRepublican

I hope this article has been informative and that you have a better understanding of the governor list in Wisconsin. If not, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. As always, thanks for reading!

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