The list of Wyoming governors is a complete list that includes the following information: date, name, and party. The current governor is Matt Mead.

Governors of Wyoming State startTerm-endParty
1Francis E. Warren11 October 189024 November 1890Republican
2Amos W. Barber24 November 18902 January 1893Republican
3John E. Osborne2 January 18937 January 1895Democratic
4William A. Richards7 January 18952 January 1899Republican
5DeForest Richards2 January 189928 April 1903Republican
6Fenimore Chatterton28 April 19032 January 1905Republican
7Bryant B. Brooks2 January 19052 January 1911Republican
8Joseph M. Carey2 January 19114 January 1915Republican
9John B. Kendrick4 January 191526 February 1917Democratic
10Frank L. Houx26 February 19176 January 1919Democratic
11Robert D. Carey6 January 19191 January 1923Republican
12William B. Ross1 January 19232 October 1924Democratic
13Frank E. Lucas2 October 19245 January 1925Republican
14Nellie Tayloe Ross5 January 19253 January 1927Democratic
15Frank C. Emerson3 January 192718 February 1931Republican
16Alonzo M. Clark18 February 19312 January 1933Republican
17Leslie A. Miller2 January 19332 January 1939Democratic
18Nels H. Smith2 January 19394 January 1943Republican
19Lester C. Hunt4 January 19433 January 1949Democratic
20Arthur G. Crane3 January 19491 January 1951Republican
21Frank A. Barrett1 January 19513 January 1953Republican
22Clifford Joy Rogers3 January 19533 January 1955Republican
23Milward L. Simpson3 January 19555 January 1959Republican
24John J. Hickey5 January 19592 January 1961Democratic
25Jack R. Gage2 January 19617 January 1963Democratic
26Clifford P. Hansen7 January 19632 January 1967Republican
27Stanley K. Hathaway2 January 19676 January 1975Republican
28Edgar J. Herschler6 January 19755 January 1987Democratic
29Mike Sullivan7 January 19872 January 1995Democratic
30Jim Geringer2 January 19956 January 2003Republican
31Dave Freudenthal6 January 20033 January 2011Democratic
32Matt Mead3 January 2011IncumbentRepublican

The Wyoming State Government has a website that is dedicated to the complete list of all its governors. You can visit it here and find out more about your state’s past and present governors, as well as take a look at their official portraits.

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