The prime minister of Canada is the head of government in Canada. The prime minister is the person who chooses the cabinet and runs it. Most prime ministers have been members of either house at some point in their careers, but they do not need to be currently sitting in either house when he or she becomes prime minister. The office was created by Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald in 1867 and since then there have been 28 different people who have held this job over time. Here are all of them listed out with their years as PMs for you!

Prime Ministers of Canada list

NoNameStart DateEnd DateParty Name
1.Sir John A. Macdonald1867
 1873Conservative Party
2.Alexander Mackenzie7 November 18738 October 1878Liberal Party
3.Sir John A. Macdonald17 October 18786 June 1891 Conservative Party
4.Sir John Abbott16 June 189124 November 1892Liberal-Conservative Party
5.Sir John Thompson5 December 189212 December 1894Liberal-Conservative Party
6.Sir Mackenzie Bowell21 December 189427 April 1896Conservative Party
7.Sir Charles Tupper1 May 18968 July 1896Conservative Party
8.Sir Wilfrid Laurier11 July 18966 October 1911Liberal Party
9.Sir Robert Borden10 October 191111 October 1917Conservative Party
10.Arthur Meighen10 July 192029 December 1921National Liberal and Conservative Party
11.William Lyon Mackenzie King29 December 192128 June 1926Liberal Party
12.Arthur Meighen29 June 192625 September 1926Conservative Party
13.William Lyon Mackenzie King25 September 19267 August 1930Liberal Party
14.R. B. Bennett7 August 193023 October 1935Conservative Party
15.William Lyon Mackenzie King23 October 193515 November 1948Liberal Party
16.Louis St. Laurent15 November 194821 June 1957Liberal Party
17.John Diefenbaker21 June 195722 April 1963Progressive Conservative Party
18.Lester B. Pearson22 April 196320 April 1968Liberal Party
19.Pierre Trudeau20 April 19683/4 June 1979Liberal Party
20.Joe Clark4 June 19792/3 March 1980Progressive Conservative Party
21.Pierre Trudeau3 March 198029/30 June 1984Liberal Party
22.John Turner30 June 198416/17 September1984Liberal Party
23.Brian Mulroney17 September 198424/25 June1993Progressive Conservative Party
24.Kim Campbell25 June 19933/4 November 1993Progressive Conservative Party
25.Jean Chrétien4 November 199311/12 December 2003Liberal Party
26.Paul Martin12 December 20035/6 February 2006 Liberal Party
27.Stephen Harper6 February 20063/4 November 2015Conservative Party
28.Justin Trudeau4 November 2015IncumbentLiberal Party

This is a list of all the Prime Ministers of Canada. I hope you find this useful and informative for future reference. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to see!

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